Our Capabilities

Assisted Living Relocation Services

The growth of our senior citizen population had led to an enormous need in this area. Total house management for a client moving into assisted living or those already established in a residence that need specialized concierge services we can be of service. A trip to the doctor or a pet that needs to see the vet or groomer, My Divine Concierge can handle those special needs of the senior population. My Divine Concierge is very sensitive to the needs of the extended family in the case of any emergency we can make a trip to the hospital with personal items, cancel paper subscriptions and deal with pressing details. In the case of closing of a unit for families that are located out of town and are under time constraints we work quickly to get a unit emptied as timely as possible.

  • Coordination of total pack and relocation
  • Unpacking and organizing of new homes
  • We work with you to select furniture, according to your floor plan
  • We can pay your bills for you in your new location
  • We coordinate the transfer of services, such as phone, cable, internet, mail, if needed, utilities, from your old location to your new location

Concierge Services

Personal shopping, running errands, Car inspection, detailing or repairs. Supervise a repair or delivery of a new appliance. The busy family, new mom or dual income couple, My Divine Concierge can get all the “to do” list done so you have your free time together on those precious weekends or days off.

Organizing for the Home

My Divine Concierge is an expert in organizing all areas of the home. Garage, kitchens, any type of closet, attics, home offices, no area is off limits to Niña and her staff. Reminder services for holidays, anniversaries, birthdays, home or car maintenance. Developing a management system for mail.


Hoarding Resolution

Hoarding is the general term for the accumulation of food and other items. It can affect children, adults and seniors. My Divine Concierge has extensive experience working with individuals and their loved ones in making the transition a smoothe and organized process while transforming hoarding enviromnents in to clean and well organized ones.


Organizing for Your Business

My Divine Concierge can be of great service to any business big or small. Organizing a file room, sample closet for a Doctor’s office or offering staff etiquette training and efficiency classes. My Divine Concierge is available to HR departments as a choice for employees to purchase in their benefits plan for help in organizing either at home or the office. Available for in-house organizing seminars.


Organizing for Life Changes

My Divine Concierge is a specialist in assisting families and couples in relocating and downsizing to a smaller home or condominium. Our company can help you go through and de clutter before you start packing for the move. My Divine Concierge can facilitate donation of all those extra items that you no longer need in your new home and get you the receipt for your taxes with ease