Preserving Family History in the Digital Era

It seems like just about every family has a historian charged with preserving and passing down stories from generation to generation. Often times the family historian is a senior member of the family – perhaps the matriarch or patriarch. That being the case, considerations have to be made for preserving...
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What You Need to Know About Off-Site Storage

Your desire to clean up and clear out has led you to the inevitable conclusion that you need an off-site storage solution. You have settled on renting a self-storage unit rather than asking friends and relatives to take your stuff. Now what? The first thing to know is that you...
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How to Pack Belongings for Long-Term Storage

There may come a point in time when you are faced with having to pack up some of your belongings for long-term storage. You might be headed overseas on a temporary work assignment; you might be temporarily downsizing while you work to overcome financial difficulties; you may be in between...
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