How to Be a Good Gift Giver and Help with Downsizing

What do you suspect might be the hardest part of downsizing? For some people, it is letting go of a home that has been lived in for decades. For others, the hardest thing is parting with possessions. There are so many emotional attachments that it can be hard to give...
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Is It Possible to Be Proactive About Clutter?

Helping people declutter is something My Divine Concierge does frequently. Although each decluttering job is unique in its own way, all of the jobs we have handled in the past have one thing in common: people call us AFTER they realize that their homes are cluttered. That is not a...
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Simplify: A Word that Deserves More Attention

Imagine a high school basketball team preparing for a stretch of grueling games to close out the season. The team has lost two of its most talented players for the remainder of the schedule. What does the coach to do? He gathers the team together to rally them. He reminds...
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