Tips for Avoiding Organizational Letdown

Few things are as disheartening to someone who has gone through a complete home reorganization than turning around six months later and seeing that the disorganization has returned. A person goes through all that work to organize, declutter, and regain a sense of normalcy only to lose it all a...
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What Happens After a Natural Disaster?

The recent hurricanes in Texas, Florida, and along the northeast coast provided some food for thought. Many of us were reminded of the devastating effects of Sandy in 2012, some of which still linger today. So what happens after natural disasters like these? What are homeowners to do as they...
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WIIFM: The Big Question About Personal Concierge Services

There is an interesting acronym that experienced business owners are intimately familiar with: WIIFM. What does this acronym mean? More importantly, why does My Divine Concierge care? WIIFM means, “what’s in it for me?” It is an acronym that describes the question a lot of people ask themselves while being...
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