Decluttering 101: What Happens to My Charitable Donations?

A big part of what we do at My Divine Concierge involves helping people declutter. Whether it is helping an older couple downsize or a family dealing with a hoarding situation, decluttering consumes a lot of our time. Often times we suggest disposing of unwanted items by donating them to...
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What Makes Some People More Organized Than Others?

You have probably noticed that some people are more organized than others. That is certainly true for us. Organization is something we specialize in, both personally and professionally, but we also know there are plenty of people who are far less organized than we are. That is why we do...
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Home Organization for the Holidays

Are you planning on doing some entertaining this holiday season? If so, you may have some home organization to take care of first. Don’t worry, you’re in good company. Many of us do not realize just how disorganized our homes are until we start planning to have guests over. That’s...
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