The 5 Worst Things about Clutter

The 5 Worst Things about ClutterClutter. It is a word that conjures up all sorts of negative images. We all know clutter is a bad thing, it’s just that we don’t always agree on why that is. One thing we do know at My Divine Concierge is that a big part of what we do revolves around the clutter people have in their homes.

The Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary defines clutter as: “a crowded or confused mass or collection” and “things that clutter a place.” For the purposes of what we do for clients, we believe a better way to define clutter is to describe it as excess possessions that decrease the functionality and enjoyment of a living space.

Simply put, your house is cluttered if you have too much stuff. How would you know that is the case? By measuring your home against the five worst things about clutter. If any of them apply to you, clutter may be a problem.

1. Clutter Makes Movement Difficult

When clutter in a home includes furniture and large non-furniture items, residents of the home find it difficult to move around. For example, a front hallway may only allow a foot or two of space to get through because the walls are lined with small pieces of furniture, shelves, etc. If moving around your house is difficult because of the volume of your possessions, it is probably cluttered.

2. Clutter Makes It Difficult to Clean

Another bad thing about clutter is that it makes it difficult to clean the home. You cannot really run the vacuum because there are too many things to move out of the way. Dusting is difficult because of all the knickknacks and bric-a-brac occupying space on coffee tables, the living room mantel, the dining room table, and so forth.

3. Clutter Makes Entertaining Difficult

The house that has so many possessions that is difficult to clean is also a house that is not well-suited to entertaining family and friends. For example, a dining room that has been overrun with clutter is not one in which the whole family can sit down for a big Thanksgiving Day meal. Clutter makes it difficult to entertain because too much of a home’s living space is occupied by things rather than being left open for people.

4. Clutter Makes It Impossible to Decorate

One of the ways we learn to identify a cluttered house is by paying close attention to the décor. If a home’s decor looks like it has not been changed in decades, it is a good sign that there is too much stuff in the house. Why? Because a cluttered house is difficult to decorate without making decisions about stuff. If there’s too much stuff to deal with, those decisions are never made and the décor is never changed.

5. Clutter Makes a Home Dangerous

The absolute worst thing about clutter is that it makes a home dangerous. Earlier we mentioned how clutter makes movement difficult because walkways are blocked. Such conditions frequently lead to falls that end up breaking bones and leaving bruises.

Restricted movement also creates danger in the event of a house fire or other emergency. If it is difficult to move around during non-emergency situations, imagine trying to escape a cluttered home that’s burning. Moreover, the house with too much clutter is a fire risk in and of itself. Too much stuff packed into a small amount of space is just waiting for a spark to ignite it.

For some people, clutter is a minor inconvenience. It creates a dangerous situation for others. If you are dealing with a cluttered home, we invite you to contact My Divine Concierge for help. We can assist you with clearing out and cleaning up to create a much more enjoyable living space free of all that stuff.

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