The Garage Sale Is over, Now What?

The Garage Sale Is over, Now What?You spent weeks planning and pricing. You made signs, placed ads in the local newspaper, and told everyone you knew to stop by your annual garage sale. And now, in a flash, it’s over and done. What do you do with all of the items that didn’t sell? Many people recommend you call a local thrift store to come and pick up what’s left over. However, it may not be as simple as that.

The first thing to remember is that the thrift store will not necessarily take everything you have. Moreover, even if they did, is it right to give them boxes and boxes of junk, most of which will be thrown out anyway? At My Divine Concierge, we believe there is a better way to clean up after garage sale. A good place to start is to divide what is left into three categories:

1. legitimate, disposable junk
2. items to pass on
3. items with financial value.

Legitimate, Disposable Junk

Most of what you have left over after a garage sale is going to be legitimate junk that can be disposed of. We are talking about things like that souvenir platter you purchased from Niagara Falls on your honeymoon, and that Billy Bat bobblehead doll you picked up at the baseball game three seasons ago. These are things that have no monetary or sentimental value whatsoever. Get rid of them.

One of the traps of the garage sale is to take the disposable junk and put it down the basement in hopes of selling it next year. Why is this a trap? Because 10 years from now you will still be pulling many of those same items out of the box for yet another crack at a sale. Do not be afraid to admit defeat. You own things other people really do not want.

Items to Pass On

Most garage sale families put things in their sales they believe have significant monetary value but, in the event they do not sell, also have sentimental value to family members or friends. These are things we promise ourselves to pass on if they survive the sale. Be sure to keep that promise. Do not put the items back in storage hoping to sell them next year.

A great way to make sure you follow through is to create a list ahead of time. The list should include each of the items in question and whom you plan to give them to. You might even let the potential recipients in on the plan as added motivation to make sure you follow through.

Items with Financial Value

Let’s face it; the local neighborhood garage sale is not a high-end retail experience. You are not likely to get full value for some of your items that are extremely expensive. Expect that. You should also be prepared to not be able to sell valuable collector items without taking a huge loss. Maybe you will have to work out deals for those items in other ways.

For example, vintage video game systems are hot right now. Where you might only get a few dollars at a garage sale, you could probably get more by contacting a vintage toy or electronic collector. Any items with significant financial value should be marketable through other channels.

If you need help planning, executing and cleaning up your annual garage sale, My Divine Concierge is ready and waiting. We specialize in services that help you organize various aspects of your life. We can help you pull off the best garage sale your neighborhood has ever seen.

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