Monthly Archives: December 2015

Maintaining Small Business Sanity During the Holidays

At My Divine Concierge, we help quite a few small business owners keep things running smoothly through organization. We are especially adept at assisting those running their businesses from home. Through the years, we have observed how difficult it can be to maintain sanity within a small business during the...
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Keep the Winter Outside This Winter

Living in the Northeast certainly has its advantages for those of us who love being here. But it also has disadvantages as well. From about late November through March, one of the biggest disadvantages is how easy it is to bring the miserable winter weather indoors on your shoes and...
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Change Does Not Have to Be the Enemy

Our experience as a personal concierge service gives us plenty of opportunities to work with people who are undergoing a major life change. For example, we specialize in helping older people looking to downsize from the larger house of their family years to something smaller and easier to maintain. Often,...
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