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Things Every First-Time Snowbird Should Take South

‘Tis the season for snowbirds. Between now and the first part of January, untold numbers of New York residents will be fleeing the Northeast winter in favor of the sunshine and warm temperatures of Florida. And just as in the past, this year will be the first time for some...
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Let Us Be Your Companion This Winter

Well, winter has officially arrived in the Northeast. We have had our first snow storm complete with cold temperatures and lousy driving conditions. It is this time of year when My Divine Concierge starts fielding calls from clients who need help getting to medical appointments or completing their weekly shopping....
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Keep the Winter Outside This Winter

Living in the Northeast certainly has its advantages for those of us who love being here. But it also has disadvantages as well. From about late November through March, one of the biggest disadvantages is how easy it is to bring the miserable winter weather indoors on your shoes and...
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