3 Ways to Prepare for Downsizing

3 Ways to Prepare for DownsizingDownsizing is rarely the easiest thing seniors will experience during their lifetimes. The process is often emotionally and physically overwhelming. That’s understandable, given the amount of time and effort most seniors have spent in the homes they now find themselves leaving behind. It can be heartbreaking for us, as we do our best to help our clients do what needs to be done without shattering a lifetime of memories.

As downsizing experts, we have learned a lot over the years of helping seniors move to smaller apartments or assisted-living facilities. From that experience, we have gleaned a lot of great tips and tricks for making the process easier. Below are three ways you can prepare for downsizing; three ways you can get ready for the day you have already circled on your calendar.

1. Begin the Purging Process Early

One of the most difficult aspects of downsizing is deciding what to keep and what to dispose of. In the personal concierge business, we call this the purging process. The sooner that process is started, the more effective it is and the less painful it tends to be. Waiting until the day of the move to go through your possessions is a recipe for physical and emotional disaster.

We recommend the purging process begin as soon as you know you will be moving. Just do a little bit every day, based on the total number of days you have to get ready. If you have three months to prepare, 20 to 30 minutes per day may be sufficient. If you have only 30 days, you may have to put in an hour or two at a time.

2. Get Together with the Kids

If you have adult children still living in the area, set aside some time before your move to get together with them. Use this time to reminisce about when they were young, recounting those fantastic memories that will put smiles on all of your faces. How does this help? It reduces the likelihood you will experience a tremendous amount of guilt on moving day – guilt associated with not giving your kids one last chance to enjoy the house before you move.

Furthermore, pleasant memories do have a knack for lifting spirits. You may want to consider a family dinner the night before your move if the kids are planning to help. They can even spend the night to create one last memory.

3. Get Plenty of Sleep

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of getting as much sleep as possible the night before you move. A lack of sleep naturally makes one more irritable, and that is the last thing you need on downsizing day. Getting enough sleep will make you more energetic, help you think more clearly, help you maintain your focus, and make it easier to endure the stress of the day without getting bent out of shape over every little thing.

My Divine Concierge specializes in helping seniors downsize. Our service extends far beyond mere organization. We can come to your home, help you go through your belongings in preparation for the move, pack everything, move it to your new home, and complete the job by unpacking and arranging your possessions. Choosing our comprehensive service means that you will not have to lift a finger.

If you don’t want the full-service package, that’s no problem. We can provide whatever level of help you need for a successful move. At the end of the day, our goal is to make the downsizing experience as easy and pleasant as we possibly can.

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