4 More Secrets of Successful Home Stagers

4 More Secrets of Successful Home StagersSo, you have come back to read the second post in this series of ‘secrets of successful home stagers’. Good for you. If you read the first post, you know we talked about creating the right spatial balance, arranging furniture, using odd numbers, and generating flow with color. This post will feature four more secrets used by successful home stagers.

Remember that staging a home can help you sell more quickly. The idea behind it is to help visitors picture themselves living in your home. You want them to feel comfortable. You want them to leave your home believing it can be that place they want it to be should they decide to make an offer. With all that said, here are the additional secrets we promised.

5. They Stick with a Consistent Style

Our final secret in the previous blog post dealt with creating flow between rooms using color. Well, even the most effective flow can be disrupted if decorating styles vary too greatly between rooms. Successful stagers know it is better to pick a single style and be consistent throughout the home.

For example, let’s say a homeowner puts a lot of money into creating a contemporary kitchen. The rest of the home should be up to speed. Combining a contemporary kitchen with a Victorian living room creates visual chaos that makes a home very difficult to sell.

6. They Take Advantage of Natural Light

Except in very rare cases, home buyers love natural light. Even those buyers who may end up keeping the shades drawn all day still want to see natural light when they visit open houses. Successful stagers will insist on keeping window shades and blinds open during viewings and, above all, cleaning windows – and keeping them clean. If necessary, they will also suggest the addition of a few lights or lamps to brighten up rooms that are otherwise dim.

7. They Pay Attention to Flooring

Have you ever wondered what the first thing is people see when entering a room? It’s the flooring. Indeed, visitors are looking at the floor even as they are approaching the entry point of a room. Therefore, successful stagers pay attention to flooring.

In a room where there are numerous throw rugs, a stager is like they to request those rugs be removed. Why? Because throw rugs interrupt the flow of floor space to make a room look smaller. Carpeted rooms are likely to be vacuumed and rearranged in order to cover up worn spots; stagers will suggest that wood floors be cleaned and oiled.

8. They Create Social Areas

Lastly, modern home buyers want areas where they can socialize without the interference of the TV or any other distractions. So if a home is large enough, a successful stager will designate specific areas as social areas. They will be staged so as to be comfortable, cozy, warm, and inviting. If a home is not large enough for separate social space, the main living area will be made as cozy as possible without being cluttered.

So, there you have it. Between this blog post on the last, you now have a good idea of how successful stagers do what they do. They walk into a home and look at it through the eyes of potential buyers. When they walk out, that home is ready to be presented to buyers.

If you are planning to sell your home in the near future, we would be delighted to stage it for you. My Divine Concierge offers complete staging services as well as moving services for seniors. Not only can we stage your home but we can also pack it up and move it as well. Contact us for more information.

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