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The Worst Advice We’ve Ever Heard About Selling Collectibles

Assisting clients in selling their collectibles is a normal part of our specialized downsizing service for seniors. It is something we do quite regularly. During one recent project, we got to talking about our past experiences. We were asked, “what is the worst advice you’ve ever heard about selling collectibles?”...
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Concierge Service Beats Technology Any Day

As a small business serving customers throughout the greater New York area, we believe in a healthy business environment that promotes competition. Businesses forced to compete with one another make a more concerted effort to keep prices in check and take good care of their customers. So yes, My Divine...
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Concierge Service Not Exclusive to Retirement Communities

An August 21 (2018) article published by the Washington Post detailed a brand-new condo development going up in Fairfax County, Virginia. Writer Audrey Hoffer painted a very good picture of what this development will be like once it’s complete. It will offer plenty of amenities, including on-site concierge service. As...
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