4 Reasons People Let Us Do the Shopping

4 Reasons People Let Us Do the ShoppingMy Divine Concierge offers an extensive list of personal concierge services, including things like running errands and doing shopping. We provide these services because we know how busy people are in the modern era. We also know there are others who just cannot get out of the house to run errands like they used to. If you need assistance with your errands, just let us know. We can:

  • handle your shopping
  • take your car to the garage
  • retrieve your dress clothes from the dry cleaners
  • come to your home to supervise a delivery or service call.

Our line of personal concierge services is intended to do all those little things you just can’t get to. Shopping is one of the most often requested tasks among clients who use the service. Why would people hire us to do their shopping? Consider the following four reasons:

1. Temporary Illness or Injury

It’s easy to be sidelined by a temporary illness or injury that keeps you at home. But just because you’re unable to get out and go, that doesn’t mean you don’t need to eat. The benefit of hiring us to do your shopping is that we can get whatever you need from the market so that you can stay home and concentrate on your recovery. As you progress, you may still want us to accompany you to the store until you’re fully recovered. We are more than happy to assist for as long as you need us.

2. Being Unable or Unwilling to Drive

We have quite a few clients who find they are either unable or unwilling to drive as they get older. That’s understandable. Driving can become more difficult with age, especially in urban areas like greater New York. Allowing us to do the shopping keeps our clients out of traffic and safely at home.

3. Coming Up Short on Time

We handle shopping and errands for people who are simply short on time. For example, consider a dual income family with two working parents and a couple of very busy children. Between work schedules and shuffling the kids to all their activities outside the home, there may be little time to do anything else. Rather than spending the weekends running themselves ragged with errands, they hire us to take care of those things during the week. Shopping is usually on the list.

4. A Dislike of Shopping

Lastly, we do handle shopping for people who just don’t like to do it themselves. Let’s face it; it’s not necessarily that enjoyable to spend your time strolling the aisles of your local supermarket before standing in a long line at the cashier to check out. Throw in a little bad weather and the entire shopping experience can be ruined. We don’t mind, though. We will handle your shopping for any reason – even if you just don’t like doing it yourself.

My Divine Concierge is happy to assist clients with all kinds of errands. Please don’t hesitate to ask if there’s something you need to be done at home. We would be more than happy to handle whatever we can within the scope of the services we provide.

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