5 Simple and Inexpensive Decorating Ideas for Fall

Fall has officially arrived in the northern hemisphere. As such, many of you are thinking about putting up some decorations that show just how much you love this time of year. The good news is that you can decorate for fall without spending a fortune or investing all your time in creating complicated centerpieces. There are lots of simple and inexpensive things you can do to spruce up the old homestead.

Granted, it’s sometimes a bit more difficult to decorate here in the greater New York area. But difficult does not mean impossible. With a little creativity and an open mind, you can do amazing things. Just check out these five ideas:

1. Create Wildflower Arrangements

You undoubtedly have urns, vases, and other empty containers laying around the house. Put them to use by creating various wildflower arrangements that you can place around your home. Wildflowers can be combined with a variety of yard clippings to create a beautiful arrangement that acts as a centerpiece on the dining room table. You can place another arrangement on the mantle, one on the front porch, and one more on the coffee table. Best of all, wildflowers are all but free if you know where to find them.

2. Gather up Those Leaves

It will not be long before the leaves start falling from the trees. Leaves make great decorative items. Best of all, they are free. Just go outside and gather them up.

Some folks scatter them loosely on tables, shelves, and other flat surfaces. Other people press them with an iron and then hang them on the wall. Still others string leaves together to create a banner of sorts that can be stretched across a doorway. Just use your imagination. Leaves will find a way to look good no matter where you put them.

3. Add Some Earth Tones

If you own blankets, pillows, and wall hangings decorated in earth tones, now is the time to pull them out of the closet. If not, plaid works very well this time of year too. Add some earth tones to every room in your home by selectively placing those items you pulled out of storage. A throw pillow here and a blanket there makes a substantial difference.

The advantage of using blankets and pillows is that they add a perception of warmth and comfort. That only makes this time of year more inviting. Your guests will dream about spending time relaxing while wrapped in a cozy, warm blanket.

4. Hang Some Window Wreaths

Do you hang Christmas wreaths from your windows and doors in December? If so, consider doing something similar for fall. You can buy wreaths designed for the autumn season pretty cheaply. They are available at just about every discount store and big box DIY outlet.

5. Decorate with Fruits and Vegetables

Fall is all about the harvest, right? So go get some fruits and vegetables that you can use as decorative pieces. You should get at least a few weeks out of small pumpkins, corn cobs, squash, etc. Apples, peaches, and pears work well too. And if you are not into the real thing, you can buy artificial fruits and vegetables for next to nothing. The advantage of going artificial is that you can use the same decorations year after year.

The fall season doesn’t have to be drab and dreary as far as home decorating is concerned. You can really change the look of your home by taking advantage of everything the season has to offer. A little fall decorating will make your home a space you love. And your guests will love it too.

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