5 Tips When Using a Concierge for the First Time

There’s a first time for everything, right? Every regular My Divine Concierge customer utilized our service for the first time at some point in the past. They’ve stayed with us because they value the relationships we have developed together. We would be happy to have you join our concierge family as well.

Having said that, we also know that you have choices. We would never presume to be your concierge service of choice without having the opportunity to earn your business. To that end, we have a list of helpful tips you might employ when using a concierge service for the first time. Employ them with us and our competitors, then see which service does better.

1. Start out Small

There is an old principle that says a person who is not faithful in the little things cannot be trusted with big things. We believe that wholeheartedly. If we expect you to trust us with a complete downsizing, packing and moving project, we have to prove to you we can do the small things first. We don’t mind that at all.

Start small when you are using a concierge service for the first time. Have someone come over and help you organize the garage, for example. A service that meets your expectations can be invited back for another job at a later date. Starting small gives you opportunity to observe a concierge in action without committing to a long-term relationship.

2. Ask for References

Any reputable service worth doing business with is happy to furnish references. Ask for them. Once you get them, follow up on them. Contact each of the references and introduce yourself as a potential customer. Then ask for their honest feedback. Such feedback is not just a way to learn about particular services, it is also a way to gauge the impression left on the customer by the service provider.

3. Read Online Reviews

We recommend you read online reviews before and after you use a concierge service for the first time. Why both? Because reviews tend to be tainted toward the negative, and that’s not just in the concierge arena. It covers all sorts of online reviews. The simple fact is that unhappy customers have more motivation to post a review then their happy counterparts. Reading reviews before and after makes it easier to understand where former customers are coming from.

4. Don’t Give out Personal Information

Never give a concierge provider your personal information under any circumstance. Do not give them credit card numbers, bank account numbers, usernames and passwords, etc. While the vast majority of services out there are above board and honest, there are always bad apples in every bushel.

If certain jobs require you to disclose some sort of personal information, reserve those jobs until after you’ve established a solid relationship with your concierge. Be absolutely sure you trust that person and the company that employs him or her.

5. Ask A Lot of Questions

Asking questions is the best way to get to know your personal concierge and concierge service. So ask a lot of them. Regardless of what’s on your mind, feel free to ask about it at an appropriate time. Questions and answers offer the kind of back-and-forth service that providers and customers need to get to know one another.

Obviously, your questions should not delve into personal matters. Keep them above board and related only to the services being provided and the company providing them. A good concierge will be more than happy to answer them with helpful information.

These five tips should get you started in the right direction with a new concierge service. If you have not yet contacted us, we invite you to do so. We offer personal concierge services throughout the greater New York area.

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