5 Ways to Make Grocery Shopping and Cooking Easier

One of the services we offer is errand running. For example, we might assist a client with weekly grocery shopping. The client supplies a shopping list, then we go to the store and do the shopping. Sometimes we even help clients create menus so that they know what to put on their lists.

Over many years of doing this, we have learned a thing or two about grocery shopping and cooking. We have discovered that not everyone likes these two chores. So if we can make it easier, we are happy to do so. Here are five suggestions for doing just that:

1. Buy in Bulk

There are some consumable products you can buy in bulk without sacrificing quality. Meat is a good example. Rather than buying a single chicken breast, consider buying a larger pack with 6 to 10 breasts. You can then break open the package and divide it into 10 smaller packs by using sandwich bags. That way you are not pulling out the entire package just to thaw one chicken breast for tonight’s dinner.

2. Create A Running List

All of us have a few grocery items we buy regularly. You can make the task of preparing a list easier by creating a master list that includes these regular items. Print a copy and then just circle the items you know you need. You will save yourself a lot of writing.

If you use a smartphone, there are several apps that do this sort of thing for you. They allow you to make automated shopping lists that update according to your shopping cycle. All you have to do is add extra items that are not part of the regular list.

3. Plan for the Entire Period

Next, plan what you are going to need for the entire period. In other words, let’s say you normally do your grocery shopping every week. Plan out an entire week’s meals so that you know exactly what should be on your grocery list. If you shop every other week, plan for two weeks’ worth of meals.

Creating menus according to your normal shopping schedule makes it easier to identify what should go on your shopping list. It also makes it easier to avoid buying things you do not need.

4. Cook and Freeze

This next tip is especially helpful to seniors at empty-nesters. Because you are cooking for just one or two now, you’re not getting the most efficient use of your stove and oven. And if you grill outside, you are not making the best use of your gas or charcoal. As long as you’re firing up the stove or grill, you might as well cooked for several meals. Freeze what you are not using immediately.

Let’s say you are planning to grill some steaks for dinner. Great. Cook up some chicken breasts, pork chops, and hots and hamburgers too. You will be burning the gas anyway, so you might as well make maximum use of it. As a side note, you will have less cooking to do in the future.

5. Send Someone Else to the Store

Finally, if getting out to shop is too much for you due to your age or your health, send someone else to the store. Ask a family member, friend, or neighbor. Or better yet, contact My Divine Concierge. We would be happy to handle your grocery shopping for you.

Grocery shopping and cooking can both become tiresome after decades of doing it. But if you can find ways to make it easier, it may not be such drudgery. Hopefully, the five suggestions offered here will do just that. We don’t want you to dread regular grocery shopping and cooking because it’s too much work.

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