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Downsizing and Moving: How Soon Is Too Soon to Pack?

Downsizing can be a traumatic experience for anyone. Rarely is it easy to leave behind a house you have spent decades living in. Making matters worse is all the work that goes into packing and moving. Thankfully, concierge services like ours make the processes easier. My Divine Concierge can even...
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Downsizing and Estate Planning: 4 Things to Know

My Divine Concierge team members have encountered more than one situation in which we were helping seniors downsize only to find ourselves having a discussion over estate planning. There is something about downsizing that causes people with no estate plan in place to start thinking about what will happen to...
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Things Every First-Time Snowbird Should Take South

‘Tis the season for snowbirds. Between now and the first part of January, untold numbers of New York residents will be fleeing the Northeast winter in favor of the sunshine and warm temperatures of Florida. And just as in the past, this year will be the first time for some...
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