Common Reasons for Hiring a Personal Concierge

Common Reasons for Hiring a Personal ConciergeIt has been a while since we used our blog to discuss reasons people choose to hire us as their personal concierge service. There are as many different reasons as there are clients, and every reason is a valid one. The services we provide are designed to make the lives of our clients easier and, in some cases, more manageable.

Below are some of the more common reasons My Divine Concierge is hired to provide service. Keep in mind that our list of services is rather extensive. We assist with everything from household chores to small business organization to helping seniors downsize and move.

Time Is Valuable

Though it is hard to choose a definitive number one reason people contract with personal concierge services, the value of time would be right at the top of the list. It has been said that time is one of the most precious commodities we all possess. Once it’s gone, it cannot be retrieved. Many of our clients contract with us because the time they would spend doing the things we do for them is time they believe better invested in something else.

One example would be the busy couple who normally has time for household chores only on the weekends due to their hectic work schedules. That time is better spent invested in their children, so that is what they do. They hire us to come in and clean once a week so that their weekends can be devoted to family.

Organization Is Overwhelming

We have discovered over the years that many of the clients who seek out our organizational services do so because they feel overwhelmed. Their homes or offices lack organization not because they are lazy, messy, or in some way dysfunctional. They just look at what needs to be organized and feel so overwhelmed that they don’t know where to start. This is actually quite normal. They call My Divine Concierge to come in and help them turn what appears to be chaos into order.

Life Is Tiring

One of our specialty services is helping seniors downsize. We help them pack up the homes they are leaving, move everything to their new homes, and unpack on the other end. Most of them could handle the job on their own, but it can be exhausting. They hire us to come do the heavy work so they don’t have to.

Let’s face it; life is tiring. You reach a certain point in time when being tired catches up with you. That’s okay. We understand our senior clients have put in their years of work; now they deserve to take a rest. We gladly come in and handle all that heavy work for them.

Physical Challenges Are Real

Finally, My Divine Concierge assists quite a few clients who have physical challenges to deal with. For example, not everyone is healthy enough to get out of the house every week to handle regular chores like shopping. Others might find that tasks around the house are too difficult because of health concerns. Physical challenges are real, and we don’t mind helping out when they are.

There are lots of reasons people hire My Divine Concierge. Our commitment to you is to provide the best possible service we can regardless of your reasons for hiring us. Furthermore, we are very happy to help. Whatever we can do to make your life easier and more manageable can be put on our list of things needing to be done, as long as it falls within our scope of services.

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