Grocery Delivery or Concierge Service: Which Is Better?

Walmart and Amazon getting into the grocery business has created stiff competition among retailers in the grocery space. That competition has been heating up as of late, with more and more grocers opting to start offering free delivery service. Here in the greater New York area, there is no shortage of grocers willing to deliver to your front door.

Before you call for grocery delivery though, we have a question. Did you know that our personal concierge service includes running errands like grocery shopping? That’s right. One of our professional concierge representatives can come to your house, help you compile a grocery list, and then either accompany you to the store or do the shopping for you. Our team member can even put the groceries away for you.

We understand that grocery delivery meets the needs of a certain demographic. But we happen to believe a personal concierge is better. You get a lot more for your money when you entrust your grocery shopping to us. Keep reading to discover why.

Personal Service

Utilizing grocery delivery from a big-box retailer or a grocery chain means trusting store workers to walk up and down the aisles retrieving the items you requested. Those workers do not know you. They have never spoken with you; they don’t know your preferences; they don’t know what you would decide to do if one of the products you wanted isn’t in stock.

The advantage of using a personal concierge is working with someone who knows exactly what you want. A personal concierge comes and visits with you in person. He/she gets to know who you are, what you like, and so forth. In essence, you get personal service from a concierge. You will just get service from a grocery store worker.

More Accurate Orders

Next is the concern of actually placing your order. Department stores and grocery chains offering delivery require you to place your order in one of two ways: online or over the phone. Online orders can be placed using a mobile app or computer browser. Phone orders are obviously called in.

This may not seem like a big deal to the younger generation, but many older people are very intimidated by the thought of ordering groceries online or over the phone. They are never sure that their orders will be correct. Once again, a personal concierge is a better option.

You can sit with your concierge and go through each individual item in detail. If your concierge is unsure what you are talking about, you can show him/her what you already have in the house. You can look through grocery store advertisements. You can even look through your coupon box. Working with a concierge increases the accuracy of your order considerably.

Shopping on Your Schedule

Last but not least, using a personal concierge allows you to shop on your schedule. Yes, you can also order online any time you like, but you may not be able to arrange the delivery time you are hoping for. Depending on the time of day and the number of people currently working, your grocery store may not be able to deliver your order for hours.

As for your concierge, you can arrange for a particular time and day well in advance of your needs. If you need the concierge to go at three o’clock on Friday, schedule the appointment a week in advance. Done and done.

There is a place for grocery delivery provided by chain stores and big-box retailers. We just happen to think that concierge service is a better option for our clients. If you are interested in learning more, feel free to contact us.

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