Seeing Your Home through a Different Set of Eyes

Being a personal concierge is a wonderful way to make a living. We concierge providers have an opportunity to help lots of different people deal with issues that would otherwise be left undone. We are professionals in organization, decluttering, cleaning, and so much more. We are also a different set of eyes.

Much of what we do centers around how we see a client’s home. For example, we go into a hoarding situation and we see safety concerns. We go into a business organization scenario and see business being interrupted by disorganization. We have the benefit of being third parties who can see a client’s situation without emotional attachment. That is one of the things that makes our services so valuable.

By the same token, we understand that our clients see things differently. They are the ones living daily in the circumstances they call on us to correct. Often times it is difficult for them to see the forest for the trees, which is why we show up to help. It is a fine balancing act to provide a third-party perspective and still respect the thoughts, needs, and emotions of the client.

We Want Clients to Trust Us

Our biggest task when working with a new client is putting ourselves in a position where that client trusts us. Sometimes it is easy, other times it is extremely difficult. We have to measure each situation as it comes along. Where clients need a bit more handholding, we have to be willing to do that.

We also understand that we have to earn our clients trust. People are not going to trust us with their homes and lives if they have never met us and have no knowledge of our history. To them, we are just service providers who claim to be expert organizers. They do not know the difference until we actually prove ourselves.

To that end, we work awfully hard to show our clients that we can be trusted. We also hope that our clients will let us know if we ever do something to violate their trust. We would rather know and have the opportunity to correct a bad situation than to be left in the dark just to avoid a bit of discomfort.

Sharing Our Vision with Clients

Another thing we try to do is share the vision we have for a given space with our clients. In other words, we do not want to come in with that fresh new perspective and just do things without getting the client on board. So we make a point of spending time trying to explain our vision before we get started.

If we can help the client envision what it would be like to have a clutter-free house for example, that client is more likely to get on board with what we are trying to do. The same is true for small business owners who call on us to help them get things organized. The principal rings true in just about every organizational project we take on.

Success doesn’t necessarily mean allowing us to fulfill our vision without question, though. Sometimes the vision we have for a given space just doesn’t work for the client. That’s fine. We endeavor to understand the client’s vision as well. We want to give each one exactly what is desired and expected.

As you can see, there is more to being a personal concierge than just learning how to sort through things and create storage solutions. For us, a lot of what we do is about vision and trust. We bring a fresh, new perspective to every project and sincerely hope we can share that with our clients.

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