Simplify: A Word that Deserves More Attention

Simplify: A Word that Deserves More AttentionImagine a high school basketball team preparing for a stretch of grueling games to close out the season. The team has lost two of its most talented players for the remainder of the schedule. What does the coach to do? He gathers the team together to rally them. He reminds them that they need to simplify. He tells them that there is no need to try to be fancy; to just focus on the fundamentals and go play good ball.

The idea of simplification is pretty clear in this application. But you know something? ‘Simplify’ is a word that deserves more attention in other areas of life. We live in a culture that tends to be overly complicated in so many respects. If we could just simplify and get back to basics, maybe some of the anxiousness and stress of life would disappear.

Simplify Our Homes

The one place we tend to spend most of our time is at home. So if there is one place where simplification is needed, it is here. To simplify the home is to get back to basics. It covers everything from how chores get done to the possessions we own. Every chance to simplify is another chance to get rid of some unnecessary stress.

Think about household chores. Do you and your family constantly find yourself battling to get things done? Do you find that no one takes responsibility because everyone thinks chores are someone else’s job? There is a way to solve this problem. The simple solution is to assign every family member specific chores and a schedule for getting them done. That’s it.

In terms of simplifying household possessions, remember that every new possession brought into the house requires something. You need to find a place to keep it; it needs to be maintained; etc. That new smart home system you have your eye on is certainly a technological wonder. But it is going to take plenty of time, effort, and money to install and maintain. Isn’t it just simpler to walk across the room and flip the light switch with your finger?

Simplify Your Finances

It has been our experience at My Divine Concierge that people who have trouble physically organizing their homes also have trouble keeping their finances organized. This tells us that simplifying finances is another necessity for a lot of people.

How do you simplify finances? First, you find a way to organize all of your financial records. We have helped clients transition from paper records to electronic alternatives. We have helped others who wanted to maintain a paper system find better ways to do it. Once the organizational tasks are addressed, the next step is to create a workable budget.

Budgeting is one of the most important tools for organizing one’s finances. A budget is a blueprint that tracks every penny coming in and every penny going out. Financial experts across the board recommended budgets because they work so well for controlling finances.

Simplifying Other Areas

Simplifying your house and finances are just two of the many ways we can all embrace simpler lifestyles. We can simplify our relationships, our workplaces, our hobbies, and nearly everything else that matters. What’s the point? Simplifying leaves you less to worry about. The less there is to worry about, the less anxiety and stress you have.

Younger people seem to be embracing the minimalist and simple lifestyle more readily these days. Perhaps they are on to something. Perhaps they have learned from the mistakes of their parents and grandparents to the extent that they want something different. They have learned that ‘simplify’ is a word that deserves a lot more attention.

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