Thrift Stores Are a Great Resource When You’re Downsizing

We tend to think of thrift stores as a great resource when you need some new clothes or household items but don’t have a lot of money to spend. That they are. But did you know it works in the other direction? Thrift stores are an equally great resource when downsizing has you looking at leaving behind a bevy of possessions you cannot take with you to your new place.

Donating unwanted items to thrift stores is something we recommend quite frequently. Whether you are downsizing, cleaning out a home after a death in the family, or even trying to resolve a hoarding situation, thrift stores are ready and willing to take just about any item – as long as it is in good condition and has resale value.

If you have never thought of utilizing thrift stores to take your unwanted possessions, we have come up with a few reasons to change your thinking. As you read, please bear in mind that thrift stores neither want nor can use your junk. Do not donate items that belong in the trash. If something is not worth selling, put it in your own garbage can rather than sending it to the thrift store.

Helping a Good Cause

One of the things we most appreciate about donating to thrift stores is the opportunity to help a good cause. By their nature, thrift stores are retail operations run by nonprofits and religious organizations. Proceeds generated from sales go toward supporting their charitable efforts. For example, Salvation Army stores support the religious and social justice causes of the Salvation Army organization.

Helping Others with Limited Means

Thrift stores not only raise revenues for the organizations that operate them, but they also offer much-needed assistance to people with limited means. A good example is a single parent in need of baby clothing and other items. She cannot afford to buy brand-new. However, she can probably find just about everything she needs at local thrift stores.

A couple of shopping trips could net her a car seat, crib, and playpen. She might even find some great baby clothes along with furniture for the nursery. Prices will certainly be lower than retail, and she might even end up spending pennies on the dollar.

Putting Less In the Landfill

For some of our clients, donating to a thrift store is important because it means less stuff going to landfills. You can’t go wrong there. There is no point in your gently used clothing and household items being put in a hole and covered with mounds of garbage and a layer of dirt. Donate to a thrift store and let someone else enjoy what you no longer have use for.

Passing on Some Value

We have worked with past clients who had hoped to give collectibles to their children and grandchildren only to discover that those collectibles were not wanted. What do you do then? Your collectibles certainly have intrinsic value to you. The last thing you want to do is throw them in the trash. A thrift store is the answer.

Donating your collectibles to a thrift store gives someone else the opportunity to enjoy them. You may never meet the person who buys them, but you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your collectibles went to someone who actually wanted them. It can make you feel a bit better about having to sacrifice your collectibles in order to downsize.

Whoever first thought up the thrift store concept is brilliant. Thrift stores are great resources for repurposing goods that are still in very good condition. If you are looking to downsize, we strongly recommend you consider donating some of your possessions to your local thrift store.

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