Tips for Getting Back into the Autumn Routine

Tips for Getting Back into the Autumn RoutineThe end of August and the approach of Labor Day can only mean one thing for school students in New York: classes will be resuming shortly. Whether you are the type of parent that looks forward to the start of the school year or one that wishes the kids could stay home forever, one thing is for sure: getting back into the autumn routine after a pleasant summer can be challenging.

Summer is a time of rest, relaxation, and general play. We tend to abandon our schedules and any semblance of organization in order to make the most of the limited summer months. However, when fall comes, it is back to schedules and obligations. We have put together several tips that might be helpful as you return to the autumn routine.

Schedule Household Chores

The biggest enemy of organization in the home is putting off chores. Household chores are not pleasant, but they are necessary to maintain a home that functions smoothly. We recommend families schedule chores in order to limit disruptions. Scheduling means every family member gets his or her list of chores to be completed on a particular day or at a certain time each day. Scheduling removes all of the ambiguity and if adhered to, ensures things are done in a timely fashion.

Make Time for Family Time

We can get so busy in our hectic schedules that we do not have time for one another. What many people do not realize is that making time for family time often reduces the anxiety of a hectic lifestyle just by forcing family members to step back and stop. Taking a breather and relaxing goes a long way toward creating a smoothly functioning household with minimal stress.

One of the best ways to make time for family is to establish a regular dinner routine. Getting the family together for 30 to 60 minutes around the dining room table offers tremendous benefits most people do not realize until they actually do it. If a dinner routine is not possible for you, there are other ways to make time for family time.

Make Use of Daily Planners

In a hectic and chaotic household, it is not uncommon for one family member to have no idea what other family members are doing. This lack of knowledge only adds to the chaos. One way to address the problem is to use family planners. Whether your family utilizes pocket planners, smartphone apps, or big spreadsheets stuck to the refrigerator is of no importance. What is important is that you create some way for each family member to remain abreast of one another’s schedules. This will avoid many of the conflicts that arise from unrealistic expectations and ignorance.

Adopt the In-And-Out Philosophy

Why do families spring-clean? Because they spend the fall and winter accumulating clutter and dirt. Where the clutter is concerned, you can keep it to a minimum by adopting the in-and-out philosophy. What is this philosophy? It is a commitment to not bring something new into the house without getting rid of something old. It is a great philosophy to adopt during the holiday season.

Rather than continue to accumulate clutter that has to be disposed of in the spring, make a concerted effort to get rid of things you no longer use. Adopting the in-and-out philosophy during the fall and winter months will mean a lot less spring-cleaning work to do next year.

Autumn represents that time of year when we transition from the hazy, lazy days of summer into a long and cold winter. Make the most of this fall by establishing habits and routines that will keep your home running smoothly, free of clutter, and a very enjoyable place to be.

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