What Makes Some People More Organized Than Others?

What Makes Some People More Organized Than Others?You have probably noticed that some people are more organized than others. That is certainly true for us. Organization is something we specialize in, both personally and professionally, but we also know there are plenty of people who are far less organized than we are. That is why we do what we do.

Have you ever wondered what makes some people more organized than others? We have, so we did a little bit of research in an attempt to answer that question. Unfortunately, we didn’t learn much. There is plenty of psychology explaining why some people have trouble with organization; there is little to come by on the opposite side.

In the absence of a scientific answer, we have to rely on our experience. Here’s what we’ve learned through a combination of self-observation and observing others who are as organized as we are:

Organization Equals Order

People with extensive organizational skills also tend to be people who thrive on order. We like a place for everything and everything in its place. We like to see tidy desks, clean counters, uncluttered rooms, and well-ordered closets. Allowing things to get out of order drives us crazy.

It could be that our sense of order is what makes us organized. But it could also be that we are organized because we cannot stand disorder. You can decide that for yourself.

Organization Equals Efficiency

Another thing we have noticed is that people who are well organized tend to look at things from an efficiency standpoint. For example, it is a lot more efficient to organize a closet in such a way as to ensure that everything you might need is easily accessible. Efficiency reduces the amount of time spent looking through the closet every time you need something from it.

Organization Equals Less Stress

As people who are well organized, the My Divine Concierge team can attest to the fact that disorganization often leads to stress. We have witnessed plenty of situations where clients were stressed out in their own homes because everything was so disorganized. We restore calm and peace while bringing order to their chaos.

Who among us really likes to be stressed out? The person with good organizational skills probably dislikes the stress of disorder more than others, which would explain why he or she is so quick to take on organizational tasks.

Organization Equals Clear Spaces

Disorganization, at least as it relates to tangible objects, tends to go hand-in-hand with clutter. That leads to another thing we have discovered: organized people tend to not like clutter. We prefer clear spaces that make for easy movement. We like clear hallways, uncluttered tables, easily accessible drawers, etc. If there’s clutter, we don’t sense order.

Perhaps that’s why companies like ours include decluttering on our list of organizational services. If we can help you organize your home or office, we can help you declutter at the same time. You benefit from us cleaning up and clearing out; we benefit from the satisfaction that comes with creating clear spaces.

So, what do you think? Do our explanations seem reasonable, or do you think we are way off base? We are willing to admit that each of our observations might only apply to the My Divine Concierge team. If so, there have to be other reasons some people are more organized than others.

At any rate, we are here to assist if you need help organizing anything in your home or office. Remember, organization is one of our specialties. It is something we have been consistently delivering to clients since My Divine Concierge was first established.

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