4 Signs Your House Needs a Deep Cleaning and Reorganization

4 Signs Your House Needs a Deep Cleaning and ReorganizationLike a doctor can spot certain kinds of illnesses by looking for telltale symptoms, an experienced personal concierge can identify signs that a customer’s home is in need of a deep cleaning and reorganization. The signs are there if you know what to look for. We should know at My Divine Concierge. Cleaning and reorganizing are two of our specialties.

Over the years, we have helped older couples reduce their possessions and downsize to smaller homes. We have helped families dealing with moderate to severe hoarding issues. We have even helped small business owners working out of their homes better organize their workspace so it does not overflow into their living space. And in most cases, the signs that a deep clean and reorganization were necessary were all there.

Here are four signs that suggest your house needs a deep cleaning and reorganization:

#1 – You Avoid Certain Rooms in Your Home

If you and your family avoid certain rooms in your home, ask yourself why. If it is a case of clutter overwhelming those rooms, you clearly are in need of a reorganization. Clutter is one of the leading causes of dissatisfaction with the family home, but it is a problem that’s relatively easy to overcome. It is a simple matter of changing your perspective about your possessions, why you keep them, and how you store what you decide to keep.

#2 – Your House Is Overrun by Duplicates

Every home has at least one junk drawer – usually located in the kitchen – where odds and ends with no other place get tossed. It has been our observation that the junk drawer is a fascinating collection of objects that have duplicates elsewhere in the house. Batteries are a great example.

It’s not uncommon to find a collection of assorted batteries in different sizes sitting in the junk drawer. But go to the den and open the bottom desk drawer and you may find more batteries. Then there are batteries in the master bedroom and probably the kids’ rooms as well. In reality, you have too many duplicates.

#3 – There Are Things You Haven’t Used in Years

Back when most of our grandparents were kids, a standard rule of thumb was that anything that was not used within a three-month period should be gotten rid of. We don’t follow that rule much anymore. In fact, you probably have things in your home you haven’t used in years. There’s no problem if it’s just one or two things. On the other hand, if you can count dozens of possessions you haven’t used in years, it’s time for a deep cleaning and reorganization.

#4 – You Have No Idea What’s in the Closet

For every junk drawer, there is also a closet that hasn’t been cleaned out in a while. What’s more, you may not even know what’s in the deepest recesses of that closet because you simply don’t go into it. A single closet of this nature isn’t necessarily a problem in and of itself, but it can be a symptom of a much larger issue. If you have no idea what’s in your closets and some of the lesser-used cupboards, it’s probably time for a thorough cleaning.

A deep clean and reorganization doesn’t have to be a painful experience. My Divine Concierge is here to help. If you’ve reached the conclusion that you simply have too much stuff, give us a call. We will be glad to come out and offer our diagnosis. If you do need a deep clean and reorganization, we will get the job done.

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