4 Ways a Concierge Can Make Moving Day Less Stressful

4 Ways a Concierge Can Make Moving Day Less StressfulDownsizing is stressful enough without having to worry about all the details of moving day. We know this firsthand due to our extensive experience of helping older clients downsize from their large homes to smaller apartments or assisted-living facilities. We have also learned numerous ways we can help reduce the stress of moving day so as to make the entire process less taxing.

Are you planning to downsize later this year? If so, My Divine Concierge can help. Consider the following four ways our concierge service can make moving day less stressful for you:

1. We Coordinate the Entire Day

We have found one of the biggest challenges of any moving day is coordination. Eager friends and family members arrive early in the morning ready to get to work. Of course, someone brings the coffee and donuts to get things started. But before long, moving day turns into a chaotic mess with everyone doing his or her own thing. The best way to avoid that mess is by having a moving day coordinator.

A concierge makes the perfect coordinator for two reasons. First, the concierge is a disinterested third party who is not emotionally attached to the situation in the same way family members and friends are. Second, the concierge is a professional organizer. Coordination is just part of what makes a good concierge a valuable asset.

2. We Can Arrange for Helping Hands

A concierge service specializing in downsizing and moving can provide the helping hands that do the physical work. This is a great thing for older people who have neither the interest nor the physical stamina to pack everything up, move it, and unpack it at the other end. Imagine being able to leave your old house after breakfast and meet the concierge crew at your new home just before dinner. While you are out enjoying your day, the crew is handling all the work for you.

3. We Clean on the Way Out

It is just common decency to clean your former home on your way out the door. In some cases, the purchase contract may even require it. Yet cleaning is the last thing most people want to do on moving day. That is, of course, unless you are a concierge who specializes in downsizing and moving services. At My Divine Concierge, cleaning is a regular part of the services we provide. We will leave your former home as clean as it can be, thereby protecting your reputation and meeting any purchase agreement requirements to leave the property in clean and orderly condition.

4. We Can Arrange Maintenance Services

In the event you need maintenance service or repairs on moving day, your concierge can coordinate such services. Perhaps you have agreed to put a fresh coat of paint on the kitchen walls upon your departure. We can arrange for that. Or maybe you have elected to take custom light fixtures with you to your new property. We can arrange to have those fixtures removed and replaced. Regardless of the maintenance services you require, the concierge can make sure everything is taken care of.

Moving day does not have to be stressful – even in a downsizing scenario. Make use of a concierge service that specializes in downsizing and moving. We are standing by to assist you here at My Divine Concierge.

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