Business Services from a One-Day Concierge

Business Services from a One-Day ConciergeYou’ve always dreamed of the day your small business grew so large that you would need a personal concierge to handle all of your appointments. Well, you might not be there yet. But don’t let your dreams fade. Keep working at it until your business becomes everything you want it to be. In the meantime, we can provide one-day concierge services to handle all those little things you just do not have time to do.

Having a one-day concierge is actually an excellent plan for the small business owner who is just on the edge. What do we mean by being ‘on the edge’? We mean you are just busy enough that you are slowly accumulating a list of tasks that need to be done but not busy enough to put an additional employee on the payroll. This is actually quite common among small business owners – especially those who operate out of their homes.

Hiring a business concierge for a day is a great way to get all of those little tasks accomplished without breaking the bank. For example, a one-day concierge can:

  • Complete a Direct Mailing – Direct mail marketing is still effective even in the digital age. Your one-day concierge can address all of those envelopes, affix labels and stamps, and get them to the post office for you. Doing things this way is a lot less expensive than contracting for a direct mail marketing campaign.
  • Make Needed Purchases – There may be a list of odds and ends you need to be purchased for your business. You just never find the time to get to it because all of these odds and ends cannot be found in a single location. That’s fine. Send your concierge out to make the purchases for you. During the holiday season, take things to the next level by having your concierge purchase those personal gifts you want to give to clients.
  • Make Phone Calls – Small business owners like having the opportunity to call their clients on a regular basis. This gives them the ability to check up on them and see if there’s anything else they need. However, getting busier makes those calls harder to get to. Your concierge can call every client on your list just to make contact.
  • Complete Annual Paperwork – If your small business requires annual paperwork, like filing permits or paying business taxes down at the local assessor’s office, a one-day concierge can handle all of it with ease. At most, you might have to provide a little bit of guidance if paperwork is specialized.
  • General Organization – The bane of existence for many a small business owner is simple organization. You may be very good at tax accounting or providing lawn care and snow removal services, but terrible at keeping your home office organized. A concierge is an expert at organization, if nothing else, getting your office in order is a relatively simple task.

We have just scratched the surface of ideas for putting a one-day concierge to work in your small business. If you find yourself just busy enough that you have a gradually growing list of things to do, but not busy enough to hire someone full-time, consider working with a concierge.

Who knows? Employing a one-day concierge several times per year can be just enough to help you get over the hump and on to the kind of growth and expansion you have been dreaming of. Then you might be able to afford that full-time concierge in the future.

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