5 Benefits of Parking Your Car in the Garage

One of our recent blog posts touched on the idea of cleaning out the garage so that your car has its home back. After writing that post, we got to thinking about all the possible benefits of using the garage for its intended purpose. We came up with quite a few. We would like to share those benefits with you in this post.

1. Your Garage Provides Shade

This sun is a necessary part of sustaining life on earth. Yet it can also be harmful to some degree. Cars exposed to both direct sunlight and UV rays over extended periods of time can suffer from faded finishes and dried out, cracking interiors. The garage is the perfect solution. It provides the shade your car needs to stay in tip-top shape.

2. It Keeps Out Rain, Snow, and Wind

Other weather elements are equally damaging. Rain makes a car dirty, and any acid in the rain can be damaging to your car’s finish. Snow in the Northeast means road salt. Garaging your car will not keep the salt off it, but it will promote melting of any accumulated snow in the wheel wells and along the side panels. Melting snow takes road salt with it.

As for the wind, you know it can pick up debris and carry it along with it. Keeping your car in the garage reduces the likelihood of it being struck by flying debris on windy days.

3. Protection Against Dings and Scratches

Whether you park on the street or in your driveway, your car is exposed to potential dings and scratches from other vehicles. And it is not just other cars. It’s bicycles, scooters, wagons, and any of the other vehicles found in your neighborhood. And while we are talking about it, there are other sources of dings and scratches: basketballs, hockey pucks, and all the other toys your kids play with.

4. Your Insurance Company Will Be Happy

Car insurance companies love garages because they reduce the likelihood of burglary, theft, and accidental damage. You might want to call your insurance company and see how much you could save by parking your car in the garage. It might not be much, but every little bit helps. You will also enjoy the added benefit of a lower risk of theft and burglary.

5. A Warmer Car in the Winter

Last but not least is the fact that garaged cars are warmer in the winter. Whenever you drive, your car generates heat. Parking your car in the garage after a journey allows that heat to dissipate into the garage space. This does several things.

First, oil and transmission fluid stay warmer for longer, making them more stable during the winter months. Second, the car’s engine will stay warmer for longer as well. This means it will warm up faster in the morning. You will get warm air coming from the heater more quickly.

Do you hate having to scrape ice off your windshield before going to work in the morning? You won’t have to if you park in the garage. The garage will protect your windshield from frozen condensation on those clear nights. It will keep the snow and ice away on stormy nights.

Your garage was meant to house your car, not a ton of stuff you will probably never use. Feel free to call us at My Divine Concierge if you need help taking your garage space back. We can help you clean it out and apply sensible storage solutions that free up the garage floor for your car.

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