Concierge Service Beats Technology Any Day

Concierge Service Beats Technology Any DayAs a small business serving customers throughout the greater New York area, we believe in a healthy business environment that promotes competition. Businesses forced to compete with one another make a more concerted effort to keep prices in check and take good care of their customers. So yes, My Divine Concierge welcomes competition.

One of our biggest competitors today is technology. For example, people can use their smartphones to do all sorts of things we could otherwise do for them. But it is our firm belief that personal concierge service beats technology any day of the week. As wonderful as it is, technology has some inherent limits that can only be overcome by human beings.

We Can Think

One of the first things that comes to mind when we think about technology is the fact that it cannot think. Do not fall for the common misconceptions surrounding artificial intelligence. It doesn’t exist in any form that even comes close to the abilities of the human brain. Developing true artificial intelligence is still a long way off, if it ever happens at all.

A human concierge has the ability to think. We concierge providers can take any task you throw at us and think it through logically. We can think about all the possible circumstances that might arise in solving your problem. Then we can come up with a variety of solutions. Smartphone apps can only respond to static data. They cannot adapt; they cannot flex; they cannot think through the tasks you need done.

We Get to Know You

Next, consider the idea of finding a good personal concierge and then sticking with that person for the long-term. Developing a long-term relationship with your concierge allows the person to truly get to know you. That may not seem like a big deal at first, but it almost always ends up being valuable down the road.

Let’s say you can no longer get out to go grocery shopping. Sure, you can use a smartphone app to order groceries and have them delivered. But the person on the other end of the app has no idea who you are. That person knows nothing about you.

If you were to develop a long-term relationship with a personal concierge, things would be different. Your concierge would probably be able to shop for you without an extensive list. Even with a list, he or she would be able to make adjustments if some of the things on your list were not available. He/she would know the brands you prefer, the quantities that are right for your menu, and so forth.

We Even Provide Comfort

Many of the tasks we perform for our clients come with a certain amount of emotional baggage. For example, consider hoarding resolution. No piece of technology is going to help you through the emotional struggles that come with clearing out the clutter. Your smartphone app will not offer a shoulder to cry on.

A personal concierge can ease the stress of downsizing for seniors. We can make it easier to help your college-aged son or daughter pack up in anticipation of move-in day. A personal concierge can help you make those difficult decisions regarding years’ worth of collectibles.

Technology is great. However, it can never substitute for genuine human beings. In light of that, we do not think there is any technology out there that can do for you what a personal concierge can. What do you think? Are you willing to put us to the test?

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