A Concierge is Really Another Set of Eyes

A Concierge is Really Another Set of EyesOver the years we have been asked by multiple clients to explain why they should consider using a personal concierge. We have been asked what we bring to the table, what our strengths and weaknesses are, and just about any other question you can think of. Boiling it down to its simplest form, a concierge is really another set of eyes.

Every concierge, regardless of the scope of his or her services, brings a unique perspective to the table. A concierge for the busy business executive is able to look beyond business obligations to find the right solutions to the client’s problems. That same concierge brings organization to the client’s life.

The same is true for a personal concierge. And because personal services are what we focus on at My Divine Concierge, that is what the remainder of this post focuses on.

Senior Downsizing Services

A big part of our business is assisting seniors in their downsizing efforts. We can help as little or as much as the client wishes, with everything from paring down belongings to actually packing up and moving. The extra eyes we offer help clients see things they otherwise would not have seen.

For example, it is hard for homeowners to look at their homes and properly assess what kind of resources they are going to need to pull off a move. More often than not, homeowners underestimate resources because they take so much of what is in their homes for granted. Being that we are unfamiliar, we have to assess a home based on everything we see. It is easier for us to estimate resources as a result.

Cleaning Up and Clearing Out

That same perspective that makes us effective downsizers also makes us valuable to homeowners simply looking to clean up and clear out. Whether you’re talking a bit of clutter or a full-on hoarding situation, homeowners frequently have a hard time separating their belongings from the emotions those belongings evoke. That’s why cleaning up and clearing out is so difficult.

A client’s possessions are not our possessions, so we have no emotional attachment to them. We are able to offer an emotion-free perspective that sees objects for what they really are.

Bringing Organization and Order

We offer services designed to help homeowners become better organized. That might mean cleaning up the garage for one family and designing new storage solutions for another. The point is that having another set of eyes is often the key to getting things organized.

Home Staging

Perhaps the one place our extra eyes prove most valuable is when it comes time to stage a home. The whole point of staging is to help prospective buyers imagine themselves living in the home they are looking at. As such, the basic concepts of staging require viewing a home from the buyer’s perspective.

Such a perspective is difficult for current owners because they live in that home. They can only see it as they live in it, and often times that’s not good for buyers. By being able to disconnect from that living experience to see a home for what it really looks like, we can help sellers do a better job of staging. And if we do our job correctly, a properly staged home will sell more quickly and at a higher price.

Call Us for Anything

Here at My Divine Concierge, we take great pride in the range of services we offer our clients. Please feel free to browse our website, read about our services, and even look through testimonials left by our happy clients. Then feel free to call us for anything you need done around the house.

We should be able to handle most of what you need done. From home organization to downsizing services and cleaning and running errands, we offer a lot. And if what you need done is not something we can handle then we can certainly point you in the direction of someone who can.

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