4 Strategies for Taking Down Those Christmas Decorations

By the time you read this post, the Christmas holiday should be just about over. It has been a good run, but now you have to return the house to normal. That means taking down and storing away all the Christmas decorations that have made your house so festive since...
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5 Kinds of People Who Can Benefit from Concierge Services

The word ‘concierge’ has a certain connotation attached to it. For example, the concierge at a hotel is tasked with making sure all the little details that would make your stay perfect are handled. A concierge at a high-end apartment building is there to make dinner reservations, secure tickets to...
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Decluttering 101: What Happens to My Charitable Donations?

A big part of what we do at My Divine Concierge involves helping people declutter. Whether it is helping an older couple downsize or a family dealing with a hoarding situation, decluttering consumes a lot of our time. Often times we suggest disposing of unwanted items by donating them to...
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