Consider Storage When Buying a New Bed

You are considering purchasing a new bed. As much as you like the old one, it has outlived its usefulness. The mattress is more than 20 years old and the frame has seen better days. You have decided that now is a good time to replace it altogether. Might we make a suggestion?

Perhaps it would be wise to consider the storage potential of your new bed. Modern beds are no longer just wooden frames with mattresses on them. Many bed manufacturers now make a point of building storage into at least some of its models. That is a good idea, especially because you can never have too much storage.

Storage might be a premium for you if you live in a small apartment without a lot of closets. Even if you live in a large family home, there may be a day when you decide to downsize to something smaller. Storage is generally an issue when it comes time to downsize. When all is said and done, having storage capacity under the bed just makes good sense. Otherwise, that space is dead space.

Built-In Cabinets

Look around and you will discover there are three basic ways to use space underneath the bed for storage. The first is with built-in cabinets. Bed frame manufacturers build their beds as large pieces of furniture accommodating a box spring and mattress on top and storage cabinets below. The cabinets resemble a chest of drawers to some degree.

This sort of arrangement is convenient in that it allows you to access stored items just by pulling out a drawer. Bed frames with built-in cabinets also look quite luxurious. Cabinets turn a simple bed frame into a stunning piece of furniture. Yet there are downsides. The biggest is that built-in cabinets reduce the amount of usable space.

Inside Storage

A second option is a bed frame with inside storage. By this we mean a bed frame that is essentially a large box with a lid on top. The lid is strong enough to support the weight of the mattress and the bed’s occupants. It is also on a hinge system. Accessing usable storage space is as simple as lifting the lid up.

Beds with inside storage make maximum use of available space in a piece of furniture that looks more sleek and modern. And by hiding storage inside, you are also hiding the fact that you store things under the bed from guests. You could say that this kind of storage is a bit more secure.

Open Storage Underneath

Your third option is a bed with a frame intentionally built to leave you plenty of open space underneath. This sort of frame has no built-in cabinets or box walls. It has legs at all four corners and sits higher than normal to give you extra space underneath. In terms of ease-of-use, this is the best under-the-bed storage option.

Because you are dealing with open space, you can easily slide boxes and storage containers in and out. If the frame is high enough, you might be able to stack multiple boxes underneath. You end up with a lot of storage space that can be accessed without hassle.

One obvious downside here is that you might be able see boxes stored underneath. The solution is a bed skirt that hangs off the side of the box spring or mattress to conceal the open space underneath. A simple fix for a minor problem.

If you are planning to buy a new bed, take a few minutes to consider storage possibilities. As long as you’re investing in a new piece of furniture, you might just as well take advantage of the dead space it creates. Storing items under the bed is a great idea that anyone can utilize.

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