Cleaning and Organizing Can Be the Start of Something Big

Cleaning and Organizing Can Be the Start of Something BigOne of the most satisfying things about being a personal concierge is the opportunity to help people make life changes. Sure, there are plenty of days when our work is mostly running errands or helping people get packed up in preparation for a move. But there are other times when the work we do is life-changing. There are days when what appears to be the simple act of cleaning and organizing is just the start of something really big.

Over the years, we’ve discovered that people with organization issues are not particularly lazy or indecisive. Their lack of organization is usually the result of two things: not knowing where to start and never being taught the basic principles of long-term organization. The latter is the more important of the two issues to address.

For most people with organization issues, cleaning and organizing is a short-term task that involves nothing more than hiding things out of sight for a while. That may work for a few days or weeks, but such shortsightedness almost always leads to a return to disorganization in short order.

The long-term strategies we use for organization are meant to change the way people think about how they use and store their possessions. What we establish in our organization projects is designed to be long-lasting; it is intended to be life-changing. Most of the time we succeed.

Going Green in New York City

One of my favorite examples of life-changing cleaning and organization comes from a client in the city who needed help getting her apartment straightened out. During our time together, we discovered this wonderful lady was clueless about the recycling regulations in New York. Not only did we have an opportunity to help her clean and organize, but we were also able to educate her about recycling.

By the time we got done working on her apartment, the client knew everything that she needed to know about recycling. She also had a newfound commitment to going green in a city that’s not usually known for such endeavors. As we walked out the door, we left behind a clean and organized apartment and a customer ready to adopt a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Turning the Page on Hoarding

My Divine Concierge deals with some very serious issues as well, issues such as hoarding. It is during these most difficult jobs that we truly come to understand how life-changing cleaning and organizing can be. Many of the hoarders we work with have underlying issues that are beyond our scope of service, but we can at least help them get started with a plan to clean out as well as the labor to get it done. We can help them turn that first page in the journey to resolution.

Countless times we have worked through hoarding resolutions to see clients come out the other side completely changed people. Sometimes all it takes is a helping hand to overcome what can be a very serious problem.

Cleaning and organizing can be the start of something big. If you need help because you don’t know where to start or you cannot seem to make a lasting difference in your home, call My Divine Concierge today. We are ready to help you start something that could change your life.

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