Concierge Service an Alternative to Estate Sales

Concierge Service an Alternative to Estate SalesHaving to let go of a loved one who has passed on is never an easy thing to do. Between all the arrangements and legal ramifications, it can be very difficult to grieve until weeks or months after the funeral. Many families experience the darkest days of grief in the midst of cleaning out the house and distributing possessions. My Divine Concierge can help with that process.

There are times when families choose a straight estate sale for its convenience and thoroughness. Others want to avoid the estate sale altogether, or at least wait until family has time to go through things. At any rate, a concierge service is an alternative to estate sales.

What We Can Do

With the typical estate sales scenario, family members go through their loved one’s home prior to the estate sale company paying their first visit. Representatives from that company will eventually come through, take a complete inventory, tag items with prices, and then schedule and advertise the sale. They make their income either through a flat fee or by taking a percentage of the sales for themselves.

We have found that estate sales can sometimes be cold and impersonal. We understand it; that is the nature of the business. But the My Divine Concierge staff try to be as personable as we can. Here’s what we can do as an alternative to the estate sale:

Take an Inventory – We can help family members take a complete inventory of their loved one’s home so they know exactly what is there before they begin dispersing property.

Accumulate Donations – We are experts at accumulating personal possessions to be donated to local charities. We can even arrange for charity pickup or, if necessary, make a delivery ourselves.

Facilitate a Sale – After donated items are gone and family members have taken what they want, we can help facilitate a household sale of the remaining property. Again, our services can be as minimal or thorough as family members want.

Clean the House – Once all personal possessions have been removed from the home, our staff can clean it from top to bottom. We can clean in preparation for a sale, offering the property for rent, or another family member who plans to move in.

Much of what we do to help grieving families after the death of a loved one can be replicated by an estate sale company. We like to think that we offer a more personal service that helps grieving families work through their grief as they go through the possessions of the departed loved one.

If you have recently experienced the death of a loved one, may we offer our condolences. We would be honored with the opportunity to help you sort through personal possessions regardless of how you plan to disperse them. We are here to help you through this most difficult time of life.

Downsizing and Moving

In closing, we can also assist the spouse or partner of a deceased loved one downsize and move to a new home. We offer the same personal care and concern when going through personal possessions. We also make the move easier by handling all the packing, moving, and unpacking on the other end.

We know that working through the death of a loved one is often a painful experience. Our desire is to help clients get through this difficult time by providing as much personal, comforting help as we can. We know those grieving the loss of a loved one need a personal experience rather than a mere business transaction.

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