Concierge Services in a Single Word: Simplify

Concierge Services in a Single Word: SimplifyIf you had to describe what you do for a living in a single word, what word would you choose? A single-word description is not as easy as it sounds given the complexity of most of our jobs. So it took a while for us to come up with a single word to describe what a personal concierge does. But we have hit on one, and here it is: simplify.

When we took all the services offered by My Divine Concierge and boiled them down to their most basic concepts, we discovered that everything our staff does is intended to simplify the lives of clients. We help our senior clients through the downsizing process so that they don’t have to deal with all the hassles. We run errands for other clients who lead hectic, non-stop lives. We help families resolve hoarding situations that seem to have no answer.

All the situations we handle could be handled by the clients themselves. But oftentimes clients do not even know where to begin. They look at overwhelming tasks and find them too complicated to wrap their brains around. Then they call us. Why? Because we can make their lives simpler.

Time Marches On

It’s interesting to listen to people talk about the ‘good old days’ when the routines were easier and life was simpler. Many of us remember a time when the postman delivering the mail was the highlight of the day. Yet the average person struggles to keep up with e-mail and social media in the modern era, let alone paying attention to what the postman delivers.

The thing about time is that it continues to march on. As it does, lives tend to get more complicated. Parents who used to have all the time in the world to run errands during evenings and on weekends now don’t have that time available. Small business owners who used to be able to spend time speaking face-to-face with customers are so bogged down with administration that their customers become nameless, faceless people making credit card payments.

We cannot slow down time here at My Divine Concierge, but we can give some of your valuable time back to you. By handling mundane tasks that do not require your expertise and knowledge, we free you up to spend the time you would normally spend on those tasks doing other things. As a result, time marches on a little more simply for you.

Controlling the Chaos

If time marches on with or without us, it does so with chaos in tow. One of the undeniable laws of nature is that things always become less organized over time unless a concerted effort is made to maintain order. In other words, the universe is naturally chaotic. Don’t believe us? Then don’t clean your house for a month. See what happens.

For us as concierge providers, a big part of simplifying lives is controlling the chaos. For example, we are experts at organization and storage. That’s why we are so proficient at hoarding resolution. We know how to make order out of material chaos.

We also know how to make order out of mental and emotional chaos. If you are having trouble scheduling your day for example, we can help you step back and figure it all out with an eye on efficiency. We can help you organize your schedule so that your home-based business runs more smoothly. We can help you make sure errands get run on time and chores aren’t neglected.

We live in a fast-paced and hectic world that doesn’t seem to stop. Time marches on whether we like it or not, and chaos isn’t far behind. Are you feeling overwhelmed by it all? If so, reach out to My Divine Concierge. At the core of everything we do is the ultimate goal of simplifying your life.

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