Downsizing and Moving: Keeping Track of All the Little Details

Saying that moving to a new house involves a lot of little details is like saying the sky is blue. It is obvious to anyone who has moved at least once. Interestingly enough, all those details are manageable when you are young and energetic. They become more difficult with age. That is why My Divine Concierge makes a point of helping our downsizing clients keep track of all the little details.

Moving in your 20s is one thing; moving as a senior is an entirely different matter. Downsizing brings with it enough stresses of its own without having to worry about the details of moving to a new house. It is completely understandable that a client of ours might forget a few little details due to being overwhelmed by the thought of having to get used to a new home and a new neighborhood.

So what are some of those details? Here are just a few:

Transferring Utility Service

Transferring utilities is one of those annoying little tasks that is easy to forget until moving day. Waiting that long is likely to be problematic, though. Utilities generally appreciate at least a couple of weeks warning in case any work has to be done. Most of the time there is little to do but flip computer switch in the utility’s system, so that’s good.

The thing about utilities is coordinating them. You want them turned off at the one house on moving day but simultaneously turned on at the other house. Sometimes there is unavoidable overlap. We are talking things like water, electric, gas, internet service, and phone.

Forwarding the Mail

Forwarding the mail to your new address is not too big a deal where the U.S. Postal Service is concerned. We can go online and fill out a forwarding form or retrieve a paper form from the local post office. That part is simple enough. The difficult task is informing all the organizations and people who normally send you mail.

Thankfully, the post office in recent years has adopted a system whereby they automatically inform people who send mail to your old address. They typically do that for 30 days. So even if you forget to send a notice to someone in particular, they are likely to get a notice from the post office.

Dealing with a Moving Truck

Another little detail we are happy to handle is dealing with the moving truck. Some of our clients ask us to handle the whole thing from start to finish. That means we rent the truck, pick it up, and drop it off afterward. Other times our only task is to make sure the truck is returned at the end of the move.

At any rate, we are experts with moving trucks. We know exactly what rental companies require and expect. There is no need to worry about a moving truck when you enlist My Divine Concierge to assist with downsizing.

Boxes, Labels, Etc.

Last but not least are all the packing supplies necessary to move. We have worked with more than one client who thought he had sufficient supplies on hand only to discover on moving day that wasn’t the case. Thankfully, we have access to packing supplies.

Something else we can do is dispose of those packing supplies on the other end. We will take care of breaking down the cardboard and getting rid of it. We will take care of the bubble wrap, packing peanuts, etc. In essence, our clients don’t have to worry about anything relating to packing supplies.

My Divine Concierge takes great pride in our ability to help clients moving to a new home. Whether it is a general move, a downsizing situation, or even getting Junior off to college for the first time, we are masters of the details. Perhaps that’s why we have so many repeat customers.

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