How to Avoid 2020 Spring Cleaning

The approach of July indicates that spring is long gone and summer is here. The kids are off school, your family vacation is on the horizon, and you are looking forward to the hazy, lazy days that make this time of year so enjoyable. The last thing you’re thinking about is next year’s spring cleaning.

It is interesting because you just finished 2019 spring cleaning a few weeks ago. But it is what it is. Our question to you is this: how would you like to avoid spring cleaning next year? In fact, how would you like to avoid doing it again? It’s possible.

Why Spring Cleaning is Necessary

Before you can fix something that you don’t like, you have to understand why that thing exists. Spring cleaning is generally necessary because we have a tendency of allowing dirt and junk to accumulate over the winter months. That’s understandable given the weather and active holiday celebrations.

However, there really is no good reason to let the house get dirty and disorganized simply because temperatures are colder and days are shorter. You still have 24 hours in a day. You still follow the same basic routine of getting up, going to work, coming home, and going to bed.

So what’s the deal with spring cleaning? It is the result of accumulation. The minute spring cleaning is over, the house starts to accumulate dust, dirt, and debris. But it is only a little here and a little there. Things do not become apparent until you are stuck inside for the winter, and by that time you are overwhelmed. It’s all you can do to get the house clean enough for your holiday parties.

The Easy Solution

Now we know why spring cleaning is necessary, let us get to the solution. As it turns out, the solution is remarkably simple. It doesn’t require a whole lot of thought or creativity. It only requires a willingness to put in the effort to make sure spring cleaning will not be necessary next year.

Here’s the solution: clean every week.

Before you run away in panic, keep reading to the end of this post. Weekly cleaning is not as hard as you might think. It is not as demanding of your time as you suspect. And if you do it right, weekly cleaning will barely be a blip on the radar.

The best way to attack weekly cleaning is to assign everyone in the household specific chores. Deciding what those chores should be depends on what your spring cleaning normally entails. For a lot of people, spring cleaning includes giving the kitchen a thorough scrubbing.

Rather than spending a full Saturday next April trying to get rid of a year’s worth of accumulated dirt, spend 20 minutes every Saturday cleaning the countertops, sink, appliances, and floor. Some basic household cleaner and a rag will work just fine. That 20 minutes weekly will keep your kitchen clean enough that you will not have to put in a full day next spring.

How to Avoid 2020 Spring Cleaning

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We understand that cleaning every week is not necessarily easy to implement in a household not used to it. We understand that it requires a commitment. But we also know from first-hand experience that spending a little time every week on cleaning can completely eliminate the need for a top-to-bottom cleaning in the spring.

As always, you can count on My Divine Concierge for help with your household cleaning. Whether you need a weekly visit or just a little bit of assistance come spring, we are here to serve you. Cleaning is one of the things our company specializes in.

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