Living with Pets AND Your Pet Allergies

Living with Pets AND Your Pet AllergiesAs a personal concierge service offering home moving services, we often work with people who have decided not to take their cats or dogs to a new home because of allergy problems. They figure the move is as good a time as any to make the break. Yet it is often a heartbreaking experience to say goodbye to a loved family pet.

Depending on the seriousness of the allergies in question, you may not have to say goodbye. There are a couple of practical things you can look for when searching for your new home; things that might make it possible for you to keep your pets and better manage your allergies at the same time.

Wood Floors

Allergies among pet owners are often the result of dander and hair that can easily become airborne throughout the home. A good way to put the kibosh on both is to look for a home where wood floors are prevalent. Carpets hold dander, hair and other allergens while wood floors do not.

If you utilize a regular concierge or residential cleaning service in your home, the service provider can sweep and mop your floors regularly. Combined with regular dusting, the dander and hair can likely be controlled in order to minimize your allergy symptoms.

Area Rugs

If you do want floor coverings in high-traffic spaces, area and throw rugs are a great option. Larger area rugs can be taken outside for cleaning; throw rugs can usually be thrown in the washing machine without problems. You can limit allergens in the air by simply cleaning your rugs on a regular schedule. Again, this is something a concierge or cleaning service can do for you.

Window Treatments

Like carpeting, window treatments that include heavy drapes and valances are known to attract allergens. If you have hay fever in addition to pet allergies, window treatments can be especially troublesome during the spring and summer months. You can help reduce the seriousness of the problem by avoiding homes with large bay windows and sliding glass doors. For the rest of the windows, vinyl blinds can give more than adequate protection without the need for draperies.

If you prefer to use draperies anyway, be sure to look for light fabrics that can be often and easily cleaned. To tell you the truth, this is a great idea for all pet owners regardless of allergy issues. There is nothing more unsightly to a guest than to sit next to a window and notice the drapes covered in pet hair.

Yard Space

Dog owners should look for a home with enough yard space to allow their pets to run outside as often as possible. This keeps a lot of the hair and dander outdoors while also reducing the amount of activity that goes on in the house. It will not make a drastic difference, but every little bit helps.

Here at My Divine Concierge, we want you to know there are things you can do to reduce allergy symptoms related to your pets. We encourage you to talk to your doctor before deciding your beloved animals must go. If the helpful suggestions offered here will allow you to keep your pet, are they not worth it?

In the meantime, we are also available to come in and clean your home on a regular basis. The cleaning and organization we provide can help reduce allergy symptoms by keeping dust, dirt, dander, and pet hair to a minimum.

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