My Divine Quick Books

First entry on my new blog. I am a green organizing/concierge business. I expect to talk about tips to keep green in your home, and life. Maybe even find some home that are in need of my services that I can go in an organize.
Today I worked on getting all my accounts in order for 08 to deliver to my CPS for my taxes.
Now it is not too late to start a folder to saved receipts for this years donation, and other items you want to keep. I go papperless as much as possible by paying bills on-line. it is easy to keep track and go back and make copies when you need them and you save so many stamps, if you need advice send me a question. Some paper we all need, for taxes, Uncle Sam says so. so buy a 12 month according file and just put your receipts for each month in the slot, then it will be much easier to get them ready at the end of the year. I keep mine under my desk so at the end of the night I stick everything in the right slot.
All the best lets get caught up now before it is too late.
Love MD

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