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3 Tips for a Less Hectic Dinner

Do you find yourself so exhausted at the end of the day that cold cereal seems the best option for dinner? Do you struggle to gather your family around the table to enjoy some quality time over a hot meal? Do you dread having to cook because it takes so...
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Five Personal Service Qualities of the Successful Concierge

The personal concierge business is a people-oriented one to the highest degree. In fact, it is all about serving people and their unique needs. That means being a successful concierge requires certain people skills or, as we like to say, “personal service qualities.” The concierge who possesses these qualities is...
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Get Organized for the Holidays and Save Money

This year make a deal with yourself and take inventory of your holiday supplies. It’s often tempting to pick up new holiday tableware, decorations, and gadgets when you see them in stores, especially if they’re on sale. But buying new stuff without knowing what you already have–can be a recipe...
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