Never Underestimate the Power of Modular Storage

Never Underestimate the Power of Modular Storage“Bill” and “Stacy” are an average suburban couple who realized they were having a big problem with organization. They made an appointment with My Divine Concierge hoping that we could help them get their household and their home-based business into some semblance of order. We were happy to oblige.

On the day of our meeting, we sat with the couple and talked over what their needs were. We suggested a simple solution that could potentially solve 75% to 80% of their problems. What was that solution? Modular storage. That’s right, something as simple as modular storage can turn a disorganized and cluttered household into a model of efficiency and neatness.

With Bill and Stacy’s permission, we set about designing modular storage units for every room in the house. We organized the kitchen, the home office, each of the bedrooms, and the basement. Bill and Stacy were shocked at what a difference a little organization and practical storage made in their home. Their experience is a classic example of why we always tell customers not to underestimate the power of modular storage.

Modular storage is:

Customizable – A high-quality modular storage system is customizable depending on individual need. For example, we prefer to use closet units with shelf space and drawers that can be arranged in different set-ups. This allows us to buy the same kit for multiple rooms, while customizing each kit for the specific room it is intended for.

Flexible – Along with customization, modular storage is flexible. What’s the difference between being customizable and being flexible? Flexibility is what allows you to rearrange a setup to adapt to future needs. For instance, we may assemble a modular unit for your garage in a way best suited to handle all of the kids’ outdoor toys and sports equipment. When those kids grow up, we can rearrange that same unit to accommodate other storage needs.

Affordable – Customers love the fact that modular storage is a lot more affordable than custom-built pieces or individual storage units. That’s by design. The whole idea of manufacturing using a modular model is to create standard components that can be added, subtracted, and moved around without incurring any additional expense. We believe modular storage is one of the most cost-effective storage methods out there.

Modular storage units come in all different shapes, sizes, and materials. Our job is to help you determine what types of storage units best suit your needs. You might be looking for pressboard shelving for the basement and tough plastic units for the rec room. We can make sure you have just what you need.

Organized Storage

Bill and Stacy learned another important lesson during the time we spent with them: the importance of organization. It is not enough to simply purchase modular storage and start filling it haphazardly. All that does is take the existing mess and hide it away from plain sight. Conquering the problem completely requires organization based on efficiency and patterns of normal use.

It turns out that many people find themselves in a cluttered house only because they never learned how to organize. Our job is to change that. Here’s what we do:

Create and Implement – The first thing we do is create an organizational plan based on the inventory of your personal belongings, how you use your things, and how we can make best use of available space. We then implement that plan using modular storage solutions.

Design a System – The second thing we do is design a system that enables you to continue to stay organized long after we are gone. We give you a number of easy-to-follow steps that, if you follow them, will ensure you continue making the best use of your modular storage to stay organized.

Of course, we are always more than happy to come back as often as you need our help. We understand that there are just times when organization is fleeting. That’s okay. My Divine Concierge is always ready to come in and help you make sense of your disorganization. It’s what we do best.

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