Never Underestimate the Power of Positivity

Never Underestimate the Power of PositivityMy Divine Concierge frequently has the opportunity to help people through very trying times. One week we may work with an older couple leaving behind a home they have known for 30 years in order to downsize. The next week we may assist a family trying to work through a hoarding situation. We have discovered through all of these experiences that there is power in positivity. We have learned that maintaining a positive outlook really makes a difference in how quickly, and thoroughly, we work through these trying times. In short, we have learned to never underestimate the power of being positive.

It is easy to let circumstances drag us down emotionally and mentally. In so doing, we make trying situations more complicated than they need to be. We believe a better approach to difficult circumstances is to remember the time-tested principle that “this too shall pass.”

Set and Achieve Your Goals

Maintaining a positive outlook is a personal choice; it is not something that just happens by itself. In light of this, there are a number of things we can do that will help make maintaining a positive attitude easier. The first one is to set reasonable goals that can be achieved. Let us talk about resolving a hoarding situation as an example.

No hoarding situation is solved overnight. Most cases take at least several days to clear out clutter, and then a few weeks or months to deal with the emotional challenges that result. Setting reasonable goals includes things such as moving through the house and clearing one room at a time. Another goal might be to have a yard sale at the end of the week. By setting reasonable goals and achieving them, you are able to see that your efforts are indeed paying off. Good results help to breed a positive outlook.

Keep an Eye on the Big Picture

A primary source of negativity is that of dwelling on the negative aspects of one’s current situation. Here, downsizing is a good example. An older person or couple may be very distressed about having to leave the family home they purchased when they first got married. That is understandable. However, dwelling on the negative aspects of your circumstance only makes the pain of having to leave your home greater. Instead, keep an eye on the big picture by focusing on the benefits of downsizing.

After your move, there will not be any more grass to cut or hedges to trim. If you are moving to an apartment, you will not have to worry about repairing things that break down – the property owner handles that. Even your finances will improve with a smaller home that costs less to maintain. All of these things will improve your quality of life. Furthermore, you will be able to make new memories to go alongside the memories of your former home.

Purposely Encourage One Another

We have witnessed circumstances in which one negative family member drags down everyone else by complaining and bickering. We have also seen the opposite. We know that making a concerted effort to encourage one another helps a family or group maintain the positive attitude necessary to complete the tasks at hand.

Family members going through a difficult situation can encourage one another with kind words, timely hugs, and even a joke or two thrown in for some much-needed comic relief. If your family is spiritual, taking time out to pray or meditate helps as well. Just remember this: you can be the sour grapes or the sweet apple pie to your family. If your purpose is to encourage everyone else in the group, you will be contributing to maintaining a positive attitude.

Positivity is a great force for good when dealing with difficult situations. Remember that the next time you are faced with having to do something that could potentially try your patience and coping skills. By maintaining a positive attitude, everyone involved will get through the situation with the least discomfort and damage possible.

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