Senior Concierge Services: Let Us Be Overwhelmed

Senior Concierge Services - Let Us Be OverwhelmedAmericans are living longer today than they ever have in the past. Yet with a longer life expectancy comes many of the inevitable problems brought on by aging bodies. Older people get ill, they suffer debilitating injuries, and many times they just wear out. Keeping up with life as a senior can be a daunting task.

As the child of an aging senior, you may be among the more than 61 million categorized by AARP as senior caregivers. You spend countless hours helping your parents or in-laws doing routine tasks they used to take for granted. These are tasks you might even take for granted yourself. Whether you do or not, one thing is clear: at the end of the day you are utterly exhausted after fulfilling multiple roles as senior caregiver, parent to your own children, and faithful employee.

We would like to offer you a solution that can significantly reduce your load: senior concierge services from My Divine Concierge. We specialize in coming alongside seniors and their caregivers to provide a full range of services according to individual needs. Whether you need a lot of help or just a little, the services we provide make it possible for you to reduce some of your responsibilities and get some much-needed rest. We are willing to be ‘overwhelmed’ so you do not have to be.

3 Reasons to Consider Concierge Services

Caregivers do what they do because they genuinely love those they care for. But even love does not prevent the caregiver from being overwhelmed at times. What’s more, it has been our experience that those caregivers who are overwhelmed for too long can suffer serious consequences as a result.

In light of that, here are three reasons we hope you will consider utilizing senior concierge services:

  1. You Need to De-Stress – Medical science has proven that prolonged periods of excess stress are damaging to both physical and mental health. Excessive stress is a contributing factor in heart disease, weight gain, insomnia, and so much more. Caregivers need to reduce their stress levels by engaging others who can help them take care of loved ones.
  2. You Need Appropriate Rest – Not getting enough rest is just as damaging to physical and mental health as excessive stress. On average, the healthy individual needs about eight hours of restful sleep every night. Far too primary caregivers do not get that much sleep because they are so busy doing so many things. And above and beyond sleep, caregivers need opportunities to get away for a few days to simply relax.
  3. Your Parents Need Space – Whether you are caring for your own parents or your in-laws, rest assured that they feel bad about demanding so much of your time and attention. This diminishes their quality of life by allowing them to be consumed with guilt. They need their space. You can provide that space, and alleviate their fears and anxieties at the same time, by allowing a concierge to provide assistance.

To most caregivers, it is entirely unreasonable to even consider outsourcing 100% of the care senior parents or in-laws need. But all of it doesn’t need to be outsourced. Just by taking advantage of some basic senior concierge services, the caregiver can de-stress, get some much-needed rest, and give their
loved ones some space.

If you are currently overwhelmed as a senior caregiver, we encourage you to let My Divine Concierge come alongside you. Let us be overwhelmed for you. We are the experts.

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