Spring Household Tasks Ideal for Concierge Providers

Spring Household Tasks Ideal for Concierge ProvidersSpring is now here in full force. Those shorter days punctuated with cold temperatures and snow are in the rear-view mirror for the next seven months or so. Now it is time to get the house back in order for spring and summer. Feel free to call on My Divine Concierge for assistance.

We are among those personal concierge services in the greater New York area unafraid to get our hands dirty. You can call on us for everything from cleaning out the garage to hoarding resolution. We are here to assist you in any way we can. And if you are downsizing and preparing to list your house at this busy time of year, we can help you get things cleaned up and cleared out.

Whether you call on My Divine Concierge or not, here is a list of spring household tasks ideal for concierge providers:

1. Cleaning out the Garage

We have already mentioned cleaning out the garage as a spring task, so let us talk about giving the task to your concierge provider. Why spend an entire Saturday trying to get the garage in order when your concierge can do it for you? Not only will you get a clean garage, you will also get a whole new storage dynamic as well.

We get that cleaning out the garage is an unpleasant task. We get the fact that a lot of people are overwhelmed by the garage for no other reason than they just don’t know what to do with all the stuff. Yet that is where we excel. Cleaning up, clearing out, and organizing is our specialty.

2. Weeding the Garden

A personal concierge is the ideal person to weed the garden in the spring. Perhaps you are a senior unable to do that kind of work anymore. No problem. There is no reason you shouldn’t still have a lovely garden this year. Call over your concierge and let him or her deal with the weeds.

3. Washing the Windows

Window-washing used to be a rite of spring in past generations. It is too bad so many people don’t do it now. At any rate, you do not have to spend all spring and summer looking out of dirty windows. Give the task to your concierge and you’ll soon be enjoying all of that lovely, natural light streaming through.

Please bear in mind that not all personal concierge providers wash windows. This is especially true on tall structures. If need be, there are window-washing companies that specialize in this sort of thing.

4. Redecorating Your Home

With the change of seasons comes a change in decorations for many homes. It is time to put away all of those winter pieces along with the darker blankets and window treatments. It is time for light and airy. You can have your concierge do everything for you or work with him/her to create an entirely new design for spring and summer.

5. Spring Cleaning

We couldn’t create a list like this and leave out spring cleaning. This one particular task can easily bog you down for several weekends in a row. It doesn’t have to, though. A team of cleaners sent by your concierge provider can give your house a thorough cleaning from basement to attic; a cleaning that will turn your home into an entirely new environment perfectly suited to the newness of spring.

As personal concierge providers, My Divine Concierge offers a full list of services around the home. If there is something you need done but don’t see mentioned on our site, contact us and ask. You might be pleasantly surprised by all the things we can do for you.

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