Three Ways a Concierge Can Make Your Business More Productive

Three Ways a Concierge Can Make Your Business More ProductiveYou have seen the TV shows portraying the busy business executive who relies on a personal assistant to make sure all of the little details are taken care of. As a small business owner, you are convinced that having a personal assistant is only for corporate CEOs and high-powered executives making six-figure salaries. But think again. Any small business owner can have the equivalent of a personal assistant by contracting with a concierge service.

Before you dismiss the idea, step back and consider all of the things a personal concierge could help you with. Think of all the time you spend handling seemingly minor tasks when you know you really should be paying attention to more important things. The truth is that a concierge can make you and your business more productive. Here are three ways:

1. Organization

One of the biggest things that get in the way of business productivity is a lack of organization. The less organized a business is – be it in terms of structure, work flow, or use of space – the less time workers are actually devoting to productive pursuits. Instead, they are spending far too much time trying to overcome disorganization just to get their daily tasks on track.

By organizing your office, you are eliminating many of the distractions that reduce productivity. For example, making sure all of your office supplies are neatly organized in a central location can turn that 20-minute hunt for copier paper into a 30-second exercise involving pushing the copy button and waiting for the paper to come out of the machine.

2. Scheduling

When a small business owner is trying to conquer the world on his own, scheduling can become a nightmare. You know this is true. You may have every intention of making that lunch meeting with your office manager only to be derailed by customer demands. A personal concierge can help by taking over your scheduling. The advantage of scheduling this way is that your concierge can step back and look at your schedule as an objective third party. He or she can manage your schedule according to what is best for your business, without the emotional attachment that so often gets in the way.

3. Innovation

Lastly, a chaotic and confusing work environment stifles innovation. It is difficult for you to see the future when you are so bogged down with the present. Your personal concierge however, is not subject to that same kind of pressure because his or her focus is more limited. In the course of daily duties, he or she may see an area that could be vastly improved with just a few minor adjustments. On the other hand, they may identify another area where a new piece of equipment or software tool could make a difference. Taking advantage of the input of your personal concierge can go a long way toward moving your business forward.

The personal assistant is not a luxury reserved for high-powered executives in the business. Everything a personal assistant offers a corporate CEO is also available to you and your small business by way of a personal concierge. The concierge provides the same services, just under a different name. If you are ready to get your small business organized and moving to the next level, consider the potential of contracting with My Divine Concierge.

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