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Maintaining Small Business Sanity During the Holidays

At My Divine Concierge, we help quite a few small business owners keep things running smoothly through organization. We are especially adept at assisting those running their businesses from home. Through the years, we have observed how difficult it can be to maintain sanity within a small business during the...
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Tuesday, March 10: The Day to Get Your Home Office Organized

Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Independence Day are great holidays we all love to celebrate, right? For personal concierge providers, however, the second Tuesday in March is right at the top of our list of important celebrations. Why? Because it is national ‘Organize Your Home Office Day’ across the U.S. This year...
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Small Business: Organization Improves Cash Flow

We have been seeing some television commercials recently marketing a brand-new cloud-based accounting program for small business owners. The program looks promising inasmuch as it provides a one-stop solution for business accounting that includes everything from invoicing to inventory control. What is interesting about it are the reasons some of...
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