Tips for Preparing for the Big Yard Sale

Tips for Preparing for the Big Yard SaleNow that spring is fully upon us, many an American homeowner is in decluttering mode. And with that comes the desire to hold the biggest yard sale event of the year. If this sounds like you, we would like to ask you a question: do you know how to properly prepare for a yard sale?

Many American homeowners hold yard and garage sales that end up being a colossal disappointment. They do not get rid up nearly as much stuff as they wanted to, they barely earn any money, and they feel like they have put a ton of work into a once-in-a-lifetime business venture that falls flat. However, more often than not, failure at the yard sale comes down to a lack of proper preparation.

Try these preparation tips for your yard sale this year:

#1 – Gather Your Inventory

You might be tempted, like so many other yard sale enthusiasts, to just gather your inventory a few days before the scheduled event. Your plan is to put out as much as you can under the mistaken belief that someone, anyone, will decide your stuff is valuable. But think again.

If you are planning your yard sale for June or July, spend the entire month of May gathering your inventory. Furthermore, do it with an open mind. If you have an item that truly is a piece of junk, just throw it away. There’s no point in inventorying and pricing junk no one is going to want. You are better off focusing on things that people want even though you may no longer have need of them.

#2 – Thoughtfully Apply Your Pricing

A big misconception among first-time yard sellers is that their stuff is worth more than it is. Let’s face it; your customers are not looking to spend a fortune to purchase your secondhand items. They are looking for bargains – huge bargains, in fact. Just because you paid a lot of money for a specific item does not mean it’s worth that on the open yard sale market. Remember to price things according to what the market will bear.

If you don’t mind bargaining, you might set your prices just slightly higher than what you think items are worth in the typical yard sale. This gives you some room to come down when the customer wants to negotiate.

#3 – Advertising and Signage

Garage sale purchasing has become a science for a select group of people who make their living buying secondhand items and reselling them online. These “power of buyers” do not have time to mess around getting lost. Therefore, they scan advertising listings in advance and map their routes down to the very last detail.

What does this mean for you? You cannot rely on advertising your yard sale with a single sign posted at the entrance to your neighborhood. You have to advertise in your local newspaper or online, including your address and any special instructions needed to find your house. You also need to place signs and balloons inside your neighborhood to point people in the right direction.

#4 – Include Extras

Lastly, buyers appreciate when yard sellers include a few “extras.” So buy a couple of cases of soft drinks and some light snacks you can sell along with your secondhand items. However, do not gouge your customers. Sell the extras either at-cost or with just a slight profit built in. Your hospitality may be the selling point that encourages your customers to buy from you.

If you need help organizing and preparing for your yard sale, My Divine Concierge is ready and able. Please consider using us for any of your organizational projects at home or the office.

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