Top 4 Reasons People Don’t Hire Personal Concierges

Top 4 Reasons People Don't Hire Personal ConciergesHow many millions of people do you suppose live in the tri-state area? Given our population density, it would seem that there should be enough concierge work to keep tens of thousands of us busy year-round. And yet that is not the case. There are plenty of people who do not utilize personal concierge services, people whose lives would be made so much easier if they were just willing to reach out for help.

We aren’t complaining, mind you, we are just observing. We are thankful for the many clients that keep our company going day after day. Without you, My Divine Concierge would not exist.

Still, we got to wondering why so many people who could use personal concierge services do not avail themselves of them. We thought long and hard about our own personal experiences and came up with our top four reasons:

4. An Independent Streak

We Americans are fiercely independent people born of immigrants who came to our shores hundreds of years ago with every intention of pulling themselves up by their bootstraps and making a new life. This independent streak that seems to run through our blood makes it difficult for us to actually ask for help. We would prefer to handle things ourselves, even if that means not handling them in the best way possible.

Look, we know you can handle things yourself. That is not a question. But a personal concierge can handle some of those things for you. That leaves you with more time and energy to concentrate on what matters most.

3. A Lack of Self-Esteem

We often hear stories from clients who were reluctant to call us at first. But after using our services for a while, they were willing to admit that they were originally fearful of what using a concierge service would imply. We regularly hear comments like, “I thought that if I used your services to run errands for my elderly mother, that would make me a bad daughter.”

A lack of self-esteem is always understandable when you are asking for help. But such feelings of inadequacy do not need to linger. We are not here to replace you, only to help you be a better you.

2. Unrealistic Time Management

How many times have we tackled a very difficult job that would have been made much easier had the client contacted us sooner? Actually, it happens quite often. Such scenarios are generally the result of unrealistic time management on the client’s end.

You may not think you need a concierge because you plan to have time to do what needs to be done next week. But next week turns into next month, and the next year. You never do get those tasks done because you never have the time you plan to have.

1. Unrecognized Needs

The number one reason we believe people do not avail themselves of concierge services is that they don’t recognize their own needs. This principle is essentially true for every problem waiting for a solution. If people do not recognize a problem or need exists, they will not search for a solution.

Let’s say you are getting ready to downsize. My Divine Concierge can make the process easy and efficient by doing most of the work for you. We can come in and pack up your home, move everything to your new home, broom clean the space you left behind, and unpack your belongings after they come off the truck.

If you don’t have any concept of how easy moving can be, you probably also do not recognize how difficult it is to do all the work on your own. And if you don’t know just how hard the job is going to be, you’re not likely to look for help.

Now you know why people don’t use concierge services. Know this, too: a personal concierge service like ours exists to make life easier for you. So how can we help?

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