What to Do with Your House during the Family Vacation

What to Do with Your House during the Family VacationYou are probably familiar with all of the common safety tips for protecting your home while you’re away on vacation. For example, the experts tell you to stop your mail and newspaper delivery, control lighting with different timers, have neighbors come over to move your cars, etc. All of those are great ideas we know can help protect your home. However, we have a suggestion that will enable you to enjoy additional security and get some household tasks done at the same time.

What is our suggestion? We recommend you take the occasion of your annual family trip to hire a personal concierge service that can come in and take care of some of those pressing things you have been meaning to get to. Whether you have a lot of work or just a little, the concierge can spread it out so that someone is stopping by your house several times during your vacation. You get the work done and have someone looking after your property at the same time.

Time for Organization

Your family vacation is the perfect time for a concierge to come in and organize your basement, garage, and attic. The concierge will be able to work unfettered while you will be off enjoying yourself in the sun and sand. Moreover, upon your return home, all of that clutter will be either removed or put in its proper place. It will be like returning to a brand-new home!

If you have a lot of excess that needs to be dealt with, your concierge could also organize your possessions and price them in anticipation of having a garage sale. The concierge can even conduct the sale for you while you are away. Talk about easy street; the possibilities are endless.

Delayed Spring Cleaning

Have you ever headed out on your family vacation feeling guilty because you never got to the spring-cleaning you were planning? That is not a problem when you hire a personal concierge. While you are away, a concierge can come in and clean your home from top to bottom. They can wash the windows, shampoo the carpets, give the kitchen a good scrub down, etc. By the time you return, your home will be clean and fresh.

If there is some work that needs to be done by contractors, this is also a good time to schedule it. For example, perhaps you need your roof redone. By scheduling it while you are away on vacation, you will not have to endure the noise and commotion that comes along with roofing projects. At the same time, your personal concierge will be there to keep an eye on the house and the workers.

Packing for School

Some families use the family vacation as the last big event before older kids head off to college. So why not let the concierge worry about packing up for the move. Just leave a list of what needs to be packed and leave the rest to your concierge. When you return from your vacation, your students will be ready to go except for a little laundry and whatever gadgets they took with them on vacation.

There is no need for your house to remain empty and desolate when you are on vacation. If there are projects you need taken care of, your vacation offers the perfect opportunity for a concierge to get the work done. Please feel free to contact us at My Divine Concierge if you feel we can help you.

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