Why Seniors May Have Trouble Asking for Help

Why Seniors May Have Trouble Asking for HelpGetting older is not always the easiest thing to do. Indeed, it is often said that the last 15-20 years of life are the ‘Golden Years’ when we get to enjoy the best of life without so many responsibilities. Yet those years are not so golden if age-related issues hinder mobility, limit memory, or otherwise compromise one’s ability to be self-reliant.

As a personal concierge service specializing in senior services, My Divine Concierge has the privilege to work with all sorts of people in various stages of their golden years. We have come to understand both the joys and challenges of getting older. We have also learned from personal experience that there are some very tangible reasons seniors may have trouble asking for help. We endeavor to be as kind and patient as we can, knowing that asking for help can be difficult.

Not Wanting to Be a Burden

How many times have you heard parents or grandparents say they don’t want to be a burden to their children when they get old? Such sentiments are actually fairly common in our culture. Due to the self-reliance that seems to be built into the American way of thinking, most of us still want to be able to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps regardless of age or physical condition. We find this is true for seniors who don’t want to ask for help.

It is honorable when a person does everything possible to avoid being a burden to others. But sometimes physical and mental health catches up. Sometimes, there is little choice but to ask family members, friends, or professionals to share the burden. It’s okay. People actually want to help. As a senior, you have spent your life investing yourself in others; let others turn around and pay back some of that investment by helping you in return.

The Reality of Personal Pride

Along with the American penchant for self-reliance is a certain amount of personal pride that we are able to take care of ourselves. We see this personal pride all the time. It isn’t a bad thing, mind you, but it can be a hindrance to an older person when that pride gets in the way of much-needed care offered by others.

Some seniors may have trouble asking for help because of their pride. They somehow feel that needing assistance is a sign of weakness and, subsequently, any such weakness is cause to feel embarrassed or humiliated. In reality, the opposite is true. Being willing to admit that you can no longer do certain things without help is a sign of strength. It is a testament that you are ready to set aside that self-pride and deal with the reality of your struggles.

No, the golden years are not always as golden as they are made out to be. But they can be made better when seniors realize they need help and are willing to ask for it. Here at My Divine Concierge, we are ready and waiting to help you in any way we can. Our full range of senior services may be just what you need to continue enjoying as much independence as possible in your own home while we take care of some of the tasks you are unable to handle yourself.

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