Unpacking After the Move: You’re Almost Done

Unpacking After the Move - You're Almost DoneOver years of helping with house moves, we have worked with our fair share of clients who clearly needed our services because they never completed the job when they last moved 10 or 15 years ago. We endeavor to make sure that such is never the case with our house moves. We intend to get everything done before we leave, whenever humanly possible.

The thing about moving is that it is tiring and stressful. After a long day of loading the truck and unloading it on the other end, there is a strong tendency to make the decision to gradually unpack boxes over several days or weeks. You are just too exhausted to do it now. But we have discovered that in most cases, if clients are just willing to push through for a couple more hours, we can get everything done so they start enjoying their new homes right away. We look at it this way: unpacking boxes mean you’re almost done; you are just not quite there yet.

Arranging the Kitchen

If there is one room in the home with a remarkable ability to be discouraging, it is the kitchen. You get so used to how things worked in your old kitchen that you cannot even imagine how your new kitchen could be anywhere near as efficient. You stand in front of a wall of cupboards not knowing where to start. This is where a moving service is a big help.

Movers can look at your new kitchen from the point of view of a disinterested third party. It’s easier for us to figure out the most rational and efficient way to do things because we never worked in your old kitchen. With professional help to arrange those cupboards, the kitchen is no longer so scary.

The Basement and Attic

Nearly every move involves some sort of separate storage space like a basement, attic, or apartment storage cage. The temptation is to throw all the boxes with storage items in whatever space you have without actually looking through them. While this certainly gets the boxes out of the main living space, it creates a new problem that may never get solved. What is the problem? It is throwing things in storage that you either do not really need or would make better sense kept in your main living space.

Items you don’t need should be discarded or donated. Why store things you will never need just so your kids can throw them away later? As for those items that would be better kept in your living space, storing them tends to cause you to forget them. Then you go right out and buy duplicate items because you don’t know where the originals are.

Discarding Packing Materials

Getting rid of used packing materials is not necessarily a big deal, but it can be labor-intensive after a long day that has already exhausted you. If you’re working with a professional mover or concierge service, they may be able to haul away all those packing materials for you. If not, most municipalities in New York require the materials to be recycled. You may have to stack them in a corner until the next trash/recycling day.

After the truck is unloaded and you’re ready to start unpacking boxes, remember this: you are almost done. If you can just press through for a few more hours, the job will be complete. Rather than doing things piecemeal over the next few weeks, you will be able to begin enjoying your new home when the sun comes up in the morning.

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