5 Questions for People Thinking of Downsizing

5 Questions for People Thinking of DownsizingData suggests that some 42% of baby boomers have plans to downsize in the future. Some will do so because they no longer need the space required when they had growing families, others will choose to downsize after first deciding to move to a warm weather state or a community built around retired couples. The reasons for downsizing are irrelevant from the standpoint of actually doing the work.

If you are considering downsizing, have you ever stopped to consider how much work is involved? This question isn’t intended to persuade you that downsizing is not a good idea, just to get you to consider that it’s likely going to involve more work than you had envisioned. My Divine Concierge specializes in downsizing. We can help you with everything from reducing your possessions to packing up your house to unpacking on the other end.

Our experience as downsizing specialists has taught us that not being prepared for what lies ahead can create unnecessary problems. To that end, below are five questions people should ask themselves prior to downsizing. Their answers will dictate what needs to be done to get ready.

1. Do my spouse and I agree?

Downsizing for married couples involves quite a bit more than it does for singles, so married couples have to ask if they agree on their plans. If they do, at least on the major points, downsizing is made a lot easier. The opposite is also true. Significant disagreements could make the job a lot harder than it needs to be. Where major disagreements exist, couples should work them out before proceeding further.

2. How much do we expect to keep?

One of our biggest challenges in helping people downsize is encouraging them to let go. It is one thing to look forward to downsizing because it means a smaller living space to take care of; it’s an entirely different thing to actually envision yourself living in a small space without so many possessions. If you have a huge house filled to the rafters with things and you expect to be able to take all those things to your new home, you may not be thinking realistically A. smaller living space also means less space for your things. Some of those things are going to have to go.

3. Is downsizing the best financial move?

We are not financial experts at My Divine Concierge, but we do know that there are financial considerations to account for when downsizing. If you’re planning to move into an expensive space like a condo or a luxury retirement community, for example, you may encounter incidentals you don’t currently pay. Make sure you do a thorough financial assessment in order to be reasonably sure that downsizing is your best financial move.

4. How are my health and physical stamina?

Many of our clients downsize after having lived in the same house for decades. It’s been so long since they moved that they have forgotten how much work is involved. Do you have the physical health and stamina to do the work, or do you need help from a company like ours? Needing help is nothing to be ashamed of. So rather than subjecting yourself to the physical punishment of downsizing, let us give you a hand.

5. Am I ready to make new memories?

Lastly, one of the most difficult aspects of downsizing is saying goodbye to the memories tied up in your family home. But you’re actually not saying goodbye to those memories; you’re only saying goodbye to the home wherein you made them. You’ll take those memories with you as you go. So now, are you ready to make new memories in your new home?

We understand how difficult downsizing can be. That’s why My Divine Concierge appreciates the opportunity to help clients by assisting them in the process. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have plans to downsize this year. We would welcome the opportunity to come alongside and make the process as easy for you as possible.

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