Helping Seniors Maximize Their Time in Retirement

Helping Seniors Maximize Their Time in RetirementWe take great pride in the fact that many of our services are geared toward seniors. By the way, My Divine Concierge isn’t alone in this regard. Many personal concierge services put a special emphasis on helping senior clients with things they either cannot or do not want to do. Everything from weekly grocery shopping to downsizing assistance is on the table.

It is important for us to show our senior clients the respect they deserve. We strive to never be patronizing or impersonal. We strive to offer services to help seniors maximize their time in retirement. After all, isn’t that what retirement is all about? You work hard your whole life so that you can spend the final 10 to 20 years enjoying what wasn’t possible while you were working so hard to pay the bills.

Time to Travel

A big thing among seniors is travel. And why not? There is an entire world out there just waiting to be seen. Here in the New York area, we have a bad habit of thinking only in terms of the Big Apple. Some New Yorkers live their whole lives without ever leaving the five boroughs. Yet the world is so much bigger than New York City.

We help people maximize their ability to travel by handling those things that otherwise tie them to their houses. Here’s just one example: we have worked with clients who had already planned overseas travel when something unexpected came up at home. Someone needed to be there to keep an eye on contractors, so we were brought in to take care of that. Our clients got to enjoy their vacations in the confidence that we had everything at home under control.

Time for Friends and Family

The retirement years are ideal for spending more time with friends and family. But if you are constantly bogged down by household chores, you might have no more time for friends and family than you did while you were still working. That’s where a personal concierge comes in handy.

We help seniors make more time for friends and family by doing all of those household chores. For some clients, that means we come in and clean once or twice per week. For others, that means we do grocery shopping and other errands. We take the car in for inspection; we run the dry cleaning down to the laundry; we handle making sure appointments are all kept.

Time to Explore a New Home

Downsizing assistance is one of our biggest services for seniors. Our clients love it. As downsizing experts, we can handle as little or as much of a downsizing project as a client wants. A typical scenario has us come in, pack up the entire house, move it to the new location, and unpack everything on the other end.

How does this help seniors maximize their time? By giving them more time to explore their new home. While we are moving and unpacking, they might be off checking out a quaint little restaurant just blocks from their new place. They might be looking into grocery stores or checking out the activities at their new neighborhood community center.

We get the fact that packing, moving, and unpacking takes longer with age. We understand that some seniors work on downsizing for 6 to 12 months simply because there is so much work involved. We eliminate all that for the client by doing the work for them. Downsizing then becomes a one- or two-day exercise rather than months of work.

We are honored to be able to serve the seniors in our community. They have worked hard their entire lives; now they are looking to reap some of the benefits of that work by relaxing and pursuing whatever makes them happy. We are thrilled to be able to give them that time.

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